Islamuna – A Comprehensive Islamic Application

Islam with over 1 billion followers is the second largest religion in the world. Catering the information needs of such a huge population is a challenging task. In this digital era, everything is available in the form of mobile applications and softwares. Islamic apps designed to fulfill the needs of online Muslim users worldwide. Whether it is to look for prayer timings, Qibla directions, Ramadan timings in different countries of the world, or perhaps you are looking for Azan alerts, everything is catered in one app, Islamuna – Prayer Times, Quran, Dua, Qibla, Naats.

Islamuna is a comprehensive Islamic application that provides the most accurate Prayer Timings covering all the world cities, along with multiple Azan & Beep alerts. It also features the online Holy Quran with multiple Arabic translations and audios. The application has received an overwhelming response with 10,000 to 50,000 installations on Android devices within one month!

Let us discover what this application is all about:

Prayer Times with Multiple Azans Alerts

Saying five times prayers is obligatory on every Muslim. Islamuna has realized the significance of saying prayers on time; therefore it provides accurate Prayer timings according to the geographical location of your city on daily basis automatically. Azan alerts are available on default setting and in case user wants to set it manually then they can do so in various voices. Now you will never miss a prayer!

Holy Quran (Offline) with Multi Language Translation

Reciting Holy Quran has become easier with Islamuna. Online users can simply read or listen to any Surah or Ayat of Holy Quran from their smart phone or tablet. Muslims living in various parts of the world can even get the instant translation in their native language. Islamuna covers translation of Holy Quran in nine languages including Urdu, English, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. The users can even read Holy Quran offline anywhere where there is no internet access.

Islamic Calendar

You can keep a track of Islamic calendar and follow religious rituals accordingly with the assistance of Islamuna app. It provides you an entire year’s Islamic calendar and keeps you updated with the upcoming religious festivals in advance.

Naats & Nasheeds

Dedicate the words of love and respect to our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) through Naats. The users can find wide range of popular Naats and Nasheeds from renowned Naat Khwans. They can listen to any Naat Sharif of your choice through this app anytime.

Qibla Direction

Living in New Jersey or Melbourne, or any remote area and have to say your prayers? Find accurate Qibla direction to your geographical location by the help of this application. Qibla Direction along with the latitude, longitude can be accessed instantly.

Six Kalimas with Translation

Kalimas are considered as the pillars of Islam. All the six essential Kalimas of Islam are available in both English and Urdu translations. This can definitely facilitate those parents who are making their toddlers learn Kalimas.

Fasting times (Sehr-o-Iftar Alert)

Fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan is obligatory on every Muslim. Feeling the need of providing authentic fasting times, Islamuna gives you Sehr o Iftar Alerts applicable to your city. You can find authentic Sehr o Iftar alerts before time through this app no matter where you live.

100+ Duas for Daily Life with Translation in Urdu & English

Islamuna provides you more than 100 Masnoon Duain for Daily Life in both English and Urdu languages. You can read any dua from this app and learn it easily. Some of the most viewed Masnoon Duas include Dua before eating, dua after eating, dua before sleeping, dua when entering home, dua when leaving the house, dua for travel to name a few.

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