Lenovo to Promote MOTO RAZR by stealing a Fan’s Video

Lenovo came up with a new 30 second video for the most anticipated set these days which is Motorola RAZR 2019. The video seems to be stolen from a fan.

The video is made by a Moto fan named Waqar Khan. Lenovo took this video and showed it off at a press conference placing its brand logo at the end. Waqar Khan revealed that the company has not taken any permission from him about publishing the video nor approached him for this.


Now there are a bundle of questions rising for the Lenovo Company for doing such a cheap act. The company has to answer so many questions now as the actual phone is obviously not going to look like some fan made renders.

Lenovo has not made any official announcement or specification about its own model which has even more complicated the situation. Hope to see the answers from Lenovo soon.

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