Live text is all set to take on Whatsapp

With our cell phones already brimming with various messaging apps, a bizarre mash-up of Snap chat and Whatsapp along with Face book Messenger has dawned in tech-town and this is Yahoo’s new application” Live text”, rolled out for Apple and Android devices.

Yahoo said that in certain contexts users are not willing to communicate via audio. Further, it said audios in video calls undermine one’s privacy so LiveText enables users to view videos without audio.

Apparently, Yahoo observed that most people don’t prefer video with voice as it makes the conversation too formal. Via the new app you can view the person but you will have to communicate only through text messages.

This eventually becomes the most striking feature of this app that it has live video and texting without sound. While it sounds innovative, appealing and an entirely a fresh take on messaging, Live text has a potential flaw for having no save feature for video

What’s more, the app is meant for a one-to-one conversation and not for groups as Yahoo did not find a group features a necessity.

The app is free to download and is available for download on the iOS and android. It is already available in countries including Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and has reaping massive popularity in the U.K., U.S., Germany and France.

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