Long-Lasting And Swift Performer: A Mid-Range Smartphone, VIVO Y51s, At Its Best

Global smartphone brand vivo has started the year 2021 with a bang by introducing a staggering new smartphone from its sleeve, the splendid vivo Y51s. The year 2020 saw some remarkable launches by vivo in its Y series and the smartphones were very well received by the youth. The new Y51s handset furthers the legacy of the Y series by incorporating more robust features custom built to provide a smartphone with enthralling performance in the segment.

The vivo Y51sis a performer in terms of all performance matrixes likebattery, and entertainment for someone who is looking to buy a new smartphone or upgrade the existing one. Let us have a look at the various features of the smartphone:

Swift performance with huge storage and long-lasting battery: Everyone desires a smartphone with good battery life and swift performance. If you are looking for a smartphone with strong battery and storage capabilities, Y51s does the job. To serve your daily needs, Y51s is empowered with the latest technologies such as large size battery, fast charge and huge storage to get through the day, no matter what your usage style is. |

Y51s also boasts a large 8GBRAM + 128GBROM powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 6 Series Mobile Platform that allows users to use more apps with ease. The three-card slot design supports up to 1TB* of memory expansion.vivo Y51s comes equipped with a massive 5000mAh battery complemented by 18W Fast charge technology that recharges smartphone up to 70% in just 64 minutes*. With AI power saving technology, a single full charge can provide17.9 hours of online HD movie streaming or 9.9 hours of resource-intensive games* playing.

For your daily entertainment and capturing joyous moments–A smartphone is just not a mean to communicate with each other but also a device to capture your everyday moments of joy and laughter.

The Y51s is capable to capture your entertaining moments with AI Triple camera with multiple build shooting modes. The 48MP rear camera boasts of multiple photography modes via the Super Wide-Angle Camera, Super Macro Camera, and Super Night Mode. The Super Night Mode uses a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm to reduce the noise and grains in the photos, especially in low light conditions. It also comes bearing four sets of Stylish Night Filters designed by professional photographers exclusively for vivo to shoot like a seasoned pro.

The 16MP front camera sports a Super Night Selfie mode and a noise cancellation algorithm to pack a punch in low-light conditions.

And if you love to capture video, Y51s has an Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology that helps you take videos while running, cycling, of people or faraway landscape.

Users like you demand more robust audio-visual experience- clear visual and quality audio while watching movies and playing games. Y51sfeatures an in-built Audio booster that enhances what you love to hear- ringtones, music, movies, or videos. By injecting bass dust, vivo in Y51s has elevated the equivalent volume of the sound chamber to produce sounds of up to 73 dB. Additionally, vivo has designed the unique Super Audio sound effects to give your audiovisual experience yet another boost.

Even for gamers, vivo offers the Multi-turbo 4.0in Y51s which enhances the experience by reducing stuttering and lags especially when too many applications are running simultaneously in the background. The smartphone also promises a visual treat by sporting a Halo FullView™ Display that provides a wide and immersive view for both videos and games along with eye protection mode.

Overall, the vivo Y51s is a wholesome package for an all-round experience. The vivo Y51s is a youth-oriented, feature rich and versatile smartphone and is perfect in terms of its performance and bounty of customer centric features. Designed to facilitate the lives of the youth and complement their personality, the smartphone is a must buy for those looking for unhindered performance and elevated experiences. It comes in the ultra - stylish colour schemes of Titanium Sapphire and Crystal Symphony priced at: PKR 39,999.

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