Meizu Pro 7: Introducing New Possibilities by Flicking Two Screens

Meizu Pro 7 is the latest flagship that introduces a feature we've not witnessed in a smart phone earlier. A secondary color touch screen on the back, while Pro 7 has another eye catching screen that can transform the entire device!

Let’s unveil what this Meizu Pro 7 has to offer.


Meizu Pro 7 comes with a Frog Design, which looks pretty sophisticated. The front resembles the design of other Chinese smart phones, which sports a glass rectangular with rounded corners, pill shaped home buttons placed below the screen along with finger print sensor. On the right edge, power buttons and volume keys are placed together, a SIM tray is on the left edge near the top. On bottom edge there is a USB Type C port, 3.5 mm headphone jack and speakers. The back of Meizu Pro 7 is also worth mentioning that comes with large black glass rectangular body, which houses dual camera, and dual LED flash, and small secondary display.

Main Display

The main screen display of Meizu Pro 7 on the front comes with a full HD Super AMOLED panel, which is perfect for 5.2 inches screen size. The best thing about this screen is that temperature and vibrancy can be adjusted according to your preferences. Display Mode option allows the users to choose whether you prefer dynamic, high contrast picture, or a natural balanced one. There is a slider in separate setting that gives you options regarding screen temperature, like how much warm or cool you prefer. Meizu Pro 7 possesses a perfect panel for consuming media. The display is vibrant and eye catching that makes your apps, and images looks perfect to view.


Secondary Screen

This will be the first time that Meizu experimented with a screen on its rear. Meizu Pro 7 comes with a 1.9 inches AMOLED panel on rear with 240 x 536 resolutions that can serve various purposes. In the default mode, the secondary screen acts as a weather forecast widget and clock. Swiping the device left takes you to step counter, and you have to swipe again for checking weather updates. In case you don’t want to check the clock, you can swipe upwards n the secondary screen to change the default setting to an animated wallpaper.

The most effective feature of secondary screen is that it can be used as camera viewfinder. You do not require front camera for clicking selfies, as the dual camera has better sensors and perfect selfies can be clicked with rear cameras! Smart isn’t it?



Meizu Pro 7 sports dual rear cameras set up, with 12 MP sensors, where one is monochrome, and other is RGB. Both sensors are combined to create depth effect portrait style photos, and black white mode ones. Using the default automatic mode of the camera, the users will get natural balanced shots paying attention to details. Image noise is not excessive no matter if the light drops. Depth effect is something that needs amendments as the Meizu Pro 7's camera blurs the edges of the subject in the forefront, confusing them with the background.

Good photos are possible in only good light while using manual Pro mode. You can adjust focus manually, setting it to macro mode, you can get sharp shots of close ups and small objects with perfect balance of sharpness, color, and light contrast.


With the assistance of Octa core Helio P25 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal storage makes Meizu Pro 7 pretty fast and effective. You can load multiple applications simultaneously, skip between apps, and use larger size apps etc without any hiccups or issues in loading. No lags are reported while testing the device.

Smooth and prompt performance is possible with Meizu Pro 7 with Helio P25 processor and consumes low power. No matter if you are playing a 3D game, or using a huge app, or running various applications in background your phone will not be slow or over heat.


Meizu Pro 7 is unique in various ways, and software is one of them. This device is running on Nougat Android based Flyme software version 6.1.3. Basic features like app drawer, home & other apps keys are missing. They are not physically present, instead you use home button, single tap takes you back within app, pressing a key takes you to home, and swiping up from bottom takes you to multitasking.

Meizu has its own app store called ‘App Store’. This comprise of some popularly used apps like Uber, Messenger, Lyft, Netflix, Face book, Snapchat, Spotify, WhatsApp, Instagram and Super Mario Run. Along with the preinstalled apps, there are Notes, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Email, File Manager, and Voice Recorder also present. Flyme also features a Toolbox app along with flashlight, ruler, level, compass, and Magnifier and Mirror.


Packed with 3,000mAh battery with mCharge fast-charging support gives Meizu Pro 7 distinctive performance. Even with heavy browsing or usage, this device can last a day without having the need of recharging. With moderate usage, Meizu Pro 7 will be left with almost 30 to 35% of battery life at day end. This usage include writing emails, checking social media accounts like Instagram, Face book couple of times plus some hours of gaming.


In a nutshell, Meizu Pro 7 is innovative phone that gives you sophisticated look in hands. It comes in decent hardware specs, spaciousness is enough for storing everything you want, and processing power is powerful. Although the device do require improvements, but having features like dual display is totally innovative.

There has been a long debate regarding the need of secondary screen, and most of the tech savvy individuals agree that it is not particularly useful. But still people have responded to this feature overwhelmingly.


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