No Need of Selfie Stick after Oppo F3 Launch

"Hey, let's take a selfie!"
You hear these words more often these days, don’t you? From common man, professionals, pop stars, to teenagers, everyone’s capturing their precious moments of life by clicking selfies.

The culture of clicking selfies has evolved in our social life much more than it used to be few years back. More and more, people are taking selfies at family gatherings, weddings, vacation trips, parties, and even business meetings. In an interesting study it is revealed that females aged 16-25 are the most prolific selfie-takers. The research also found young women spending 48 minutes a day taking the snaps.Around 22 per cent claimed that getting social media 'likes' was the main reason for posing selfies.

Apart from usual, group selfies have become a growing trend these days. It is the best way to mark a special occasion, and is used to connect & share moments among the group members.

Similar to a tripod stand’s significance for cameras, the selfie stick has become the MUST accessory for smartphones for taking selfies. It can reach where your hand can’t, to help take the best group selfie shot, making sure that no one gets cropped out or the venue gets excluded. Some photography freaks buy wide-angle lens attachment, to capture a wider image frame.

The term‘Single Snap’ Does Not Exist

No matter how hard you try, somehow, someone is going to get disappointed in all the fun of that moment. There is a chance of someone being cropped out (unintentionally) or left out of frame, and most of the time it is the person who clicks a selfie. This is totally turning off!

How about that last dinner with your best friends you attended and everyone's looking gorgeous and ready for a group selfie. It's never just a single snap is clicked perfectly. There can be one or two faces that will be a little distorted or blurred, or eyes closed. Someone will complain that he/she looks " ugly” or their “good side" wasn't captured, or someone else screaming "Take again! The angle is not good." In order to take a better snap, you change positions and poses. Like ice cream melting in your hand, the fun slowly slips away, and it gets harder to smile with every snap.

Imagine you are at a dinner where you spot your national cricket team and first thing that comes to your mind is to click a selfie. You want to capture the venue in the background and all faces too, yet again something has to be given up, either faces of any teammate is cropped or venue is not captured properly. Thus, you miss capturing all the essential elements of that important moment.

Capturing Everything & Everyone in One Instant

Worry not, because the selfie secret weapon is now here. World’s renowned Chinese technology brand, OPPO brings you OPPO F3, a perfect solution to end all the frustrations in capturing the best group selfies. OPPO F3, a selfie expert smartphone is special for many reasons. Foremost, its dual selfie camera feature that comes with two dedicated front facing lenses designed to take better and bigger group selfies.


The OPPO F3 has two cameras - one is a high-resolution 16MP camera for enabling you to click standard selfie. The other 8 MP sensorsis uniquely-designed wide-angle camera with a lens that can capture two times larger view of the background than the standard selfie camera. A larger frame of OPPO F3 means more people can get into the picture comfortably. A larger frame means more of the background can be captured. The Oppo F3 will also feature high performance hardware and optimized software to provide smooth user experience and satisfy consumers’ everyday use.

All the Smiles Are in

Through cutting-edge technology and engineering, Oppo F3has the perfect tool that captures all the happiness, all the fun by getting everyone under the frame. The OPPO F3 sits in your pocket or handbag and is ready to capture every precious moment instantly. It's like having a professional photographer ready to save the day.

Time to say Goodbye to Selfie Stick


Say goodbye to the days when it was awkward to fit a large number of people into the frame, or having faces cropped out, or missing out the background in a selfie shot. OPPO has made travelling easier and snap selfies without any need to carry a selfie stick around. Leading the selfie revolution and raising the bar high for phone camera industry standards with the recent ‘Selfie Expert’ F-series, the new F3 comes with excellent ‘group selfie’ and distortion minimizing features along with beautify function that allow users to capture group selfies with an increased field of view.

Who needs a selfie stick when you can get bigger, better and clearer selfies with Oppo F3?

No sticks, no attachments, and get everyone to say "Cheese!" just once.

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