Nokia 5- Most Affordable Android Device Finally Launched in Pakistan

Nokia 5 is regarded as one of the most fascinating Android smart phone that comes in economical pricing. Of the three smart phones launched by Nokia Mobiles, Nokia 5 is positioned in the middle between highly equipped Nokia 6 and cheaper Nokia 3.

What exactly Nokia 5 has in stock for us? Let’s find out:

Brighter Display Experience

Sleek & curved ergonomic design of Nokia 5 sports seamless aluminum body with 5.2 HD display secured with Corning Gorilla Glass. With smooth, matte rear with curved edges, Nokia 5 feels great in hands. The brighter and sharper 720p HD display portrays every minor details of images, videos, or text alike. The users can enjoy outstanding experience while watching videos, viewing photos, or playing games on the 1280 x 720 screen. The Nokia 5’s screen is not overly vibrant, but if you put LCD panel next to AMOLED touch screen that makes it appear duller.

Unbelievably Secure

This new Nokia 5 is equipped with fingerprint scanner that is placed below the screen in the front main button. This feature makes your Nokia 5 highly secured from theft or misuse in anyway. Although the finger print sensor is generally responsive, but there can be slight delay as it wakes the phone, detect your digits, and sometimes you have to place your finger more than once for unlocking the handset.

Interface & Performance

The Nokia 5is not regarded for professional performance, and that’s no surprise as the price tag justifies it. But what it actually offers is the amazing Android experience. Running on latest version, Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS, Nokia 5 is up to date with no heavy interface. The users do not have to wait any longer for an Android OS update upcoming this year. Nokia 5 therefore, comes with a clean look on screen and old Android users will be able to grasp operations easily. It comes with the preinstalled standard suite of Google applications; there is no additional bloatware, so you have a clean canvas on which to install the apps and games you want.

Under the hood, the Nokia 5 comes with a Snapdragon 430 chipset coupled with 2GB RAM. In terms of the performance, this device is a bit slow but runs everything. Storage fills in this Nokia 5 faster; therefore an SD card support is required.

Entertainment Unlimited

To stock in new applications and features in your Nokia 5, we need to address the storage issues accurately. There is a built in 16GB memory inside the phone, out of which 7.5 GB is taken up by the Android system, leaving you with half the space to use for your downloaded apps, games, videos, music and photos. Larger applications can fill up the storage within two days.


To overcome storage crisis, Nokia 5 comes with a micro SD slot, a second tray on the left of the handset. The card storage is included with the device storage which makes saving data to the card easier and quicker.

Nokia 5 comes with the only music player you get preinstalled, Play Music. It can play tracks you manually transfer or download from the Play Store. If you’re already subscribed to the likes of Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal you can download those apps from the Play Store. The single speaker on the base of the Nokia 5with lack of bass doesn’t produce particularly great audio experience. You’ll only want to use it for gaming or watching the odd video. Pair of earphones is available to plug into the 3.5 mm jack at the top of Nokia 5 to enjoy soothing music UNLIMITED!

Snapping is Fun

There is a 13 MP back camera at the rear that will give you happy precious moments in your life to capture and preserve. There are many camera features in your Nokia 5 to play with, which makes clicking great photos much easier and fun. Automatic scene detection feature helps you get good shots, while colors look natural thanks to the dual-tone flash.Also the 8MP front camera will make your selfies oh-so-fresh-n-good, you’ll be unable to resist sharing!


The Nokia 5 is undoubtedly the gorgeous smart phone available at cheaper price. In usage it’s not quite as sharp as some of its rivals. Battery life struggles sometimes, and you’ll need to be patient, as load times can be lengthy. Best thing about this Nokia 5 is the premium metal design, latest stock Android software, and fingerprint scanner. The turn off factors of this Nokia 5 is darker photos from camera, storage fills faster, and load times can be sluggish.

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how much price in Lahore.

Ali Raza , Lahore Fri 22 Sep, 2017