Oppo F3 – Review

After the blazing success of Oppo F3 Plus, the brand has received over whelming response and that encouraged the think tank of Oppo to surprise the world with another device, Oppo F3! Buzz about the launch of Oppo F3 on 4th May 2017 is already making its waves.

Quick Look

Oppo has taken a step forward upgrading its ‘Selfie Expert’ family of smart phone, re-defining the dual front- facing camera functionality altogether. Being the selfie expert, the Oppo F3 is certainly the one of its kind. The 16 MP + 8 MP cameras with ultra wide angles are there to give you a perfect ‘Group Selfie’ experience. Larger groups of friends or family members can get under the lens of Oppo F3 for a memorable group selfie.

Major Highlights

“One for Selfie, One for Group Selfie”
Oppo’s name has been widely associated with dual front facing selfie camera for all the right reasons. Similar to its plus version, Oppo F3 is much more than a “Selfie expert”. Enriched with ultra wide angle, the 6P front snapper doubles your vision than a normal selfie camera. The users will certainly get the professional level image quality with minimal chances of distortion, no matter how many people it gets under the frame. This is all possible due to 6P lens. The 16MP resolution with large f/2.0 aperture and 1/3 inch sensor is a perfect upgrade to previous selfie expert phones by minimizing noise in background, vibrant depth, and high dynamic range. Moreover, technically sophisticated software such as Beautify 4.0 and Smart Facial Recognition are intelligently present inside that makes Oppo F3 the highly anticipated device of 2017.


“Jack of All Trades”

The Oppo F3 functions effectively with an Octa core processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal memory backed by Color OS3.0, that gives you highly responsive operating system for a faster, smoother, and steadier seamless performance. Two Nano SIM card slots are embedded for using two different networks simultaneously. Micro SD card support is there for further memory extension. The Oppo F3 uses an advanced fingerprint reader that enables only a slight touch enough to unlock the device. No matter if your fingers are moist this water resistant device makes sure that it never let you down. The Clone Apps feature allows users to create and sign into dual accounts for using apps, including Whatsapp. Affordable price is the forte of this Oppo F3 that surely compliments its manufacturing quality and outstanding features.

Suggested view angles

Dual Selfie Camera – This is considered to be the most accurate response of OPPO for the growing trend of group selfies. Dual facing camera comprise of two lenses one of 16MP for selfies, and first ever 8 MP with ultra wide angle lens for bigger group selfies. You can now get all your batch mates on a convocation gathering under the frame of Oppo F3. Users can enjoy the liberty to click group selfies and normal selfies with this phone without any issue. Results achieved by this camera are certainly phenomenal.



Extra ordinary Quality of Group Selfie Camera–You might be wondering if the buzz about this phone’s selfie camera is accurate or exaggerated. Comparison is the best way to find out the truth. Try out all the camera features of this Oppo F3 and compare it with any regular selfie camera. You will notice the difference in terms of field-of-view comparison, Smart Facial Recognition, and ease of usage of this group selfie camera of Oppo F3.

Ultra Wide Angle Selfie Panorama–Users can now enjoy some broader view selfies by simply twisting the wrist, which are four times better than any other selfie camera. 8 MP wide angle camera can merge three photos into one in a perfect manner that is the perfect way to put everyone in one shot by using Panorama shot.

Selfie Performance Comparison – This comparison includes the comparison of group selfie experience with other flagships and the standard selfie experience comparison. The 16MP selfie camera features such as palm shutter, screen flash, and filters like Beautify 4.0 South Asia and Beauty Southeast Asia gives you a perfect beautiful photograph enhancing your inner beauty.

Competitive Edge – Other than the dual selfie camera, there are many other things associated with Oppo F3that are considered to be pride for the users. Comfortable grip is possible due to the 5.5 inches light and thin F3 phone which makes it pretty amazing to hold in hands. Massive storage is a key factor i.e. 4 GB RAM, 64 GB built in memory and SD card support up to 128 GB is certainly the best thing for those looking for storing videos, images, and apps to a huge extent. Secure fingerprint sensor is one great feature that can easily encrypt apps and documents in a secured environment. The frame of Oppo F3narrows down to 27% with a2.0mm narrow bezel that makes you suspicious where the frame ends and the glass begins.

Key Features Breakdown

Exceptional Photography and Selfie Experience

Dual Front Selfie Expert

Selfie craze has taken over this generation with a blow. This factor encouraged Oppo to capitalize on the label of “Selfie Expert”. Oppo F3 offers an ultra wide angle camera for enabling group selfies. This camera phone has the tendency to accommodate maximum number of people under its frame. Corner shading and distortion of all sorts are minimized due to the image optimization software and 6P lens. Smart Facial Recognition is used to recognize your group selfie moments. This phone is the perfect fit for group selfies.

16 MP Front Selfie Camera

Never miss a chance to click a perfect selfie! The front-facing camera is the best option for solo selfie moments. The large f/2.0 aperture makes sure that proper light enters the camera, noise is prevented and photos are clicked in proper detail and brightness.

The ‘Double’ Selfie Experience

Beautify 4.0

Everyone wants to look gorgeous and for that purpose Oppo F3 has introduced an indispensable feature, Beautify 4.0. It is optimized to capture selfie photos focusing on beautifying your looks making sure that your skin appears clear, bright eyes, and striking features. This feature is only for highlighting your inner beauty keeping it natural to the core.

The Beautify 4.0South Asia and Southeast Asia Upgrade feature enable a natural and smooth complexion of the skin, clearing out any flaws or blemishes. Tones, shadows, and lights are adjusted according to your skin color. Additionally, there are various filters available for all imaginable scenarios.

Selfie Panorama

With some extra efforts, users can take 4 times wider view photos with the 8MP wide-angle camera. You can even combine three photos into one, ensuring the whole classmates or family of 20 people gets into the frame.

Screen Flash

The Screen Flash function is upgraded by including an auto mode, which automatically selects the appropriate brightness level matching your background.

Palm Shutter

This feature activates by simply waving your hand in front of the camera. The F3 allows you to get your shot right avoiding any kind of interruptions by simply pressing the shutter button.

Expert Rear Camera Photography

The Oppo F3 supports a 13 MP rear camera with a 1/3-inch sensor. The camera of this amazing phone performs extraordinary at night by simply maximizing light sensitivity. The large pixels increases range allows vibrant depth and detail for capturing exceptional photos.

PDAF technology enables you to enjoy fluid and snappy clicking. Even if you are in a moving car or train, the Oppo F3 focuses without a hitch. Capturing great shots at every moment has never been easier.

Professional Pixel Player

The feature of Expert Model allows the users to enjoy detailed photography adjusting the shutter speed, white balance, touch focus, and ISO. Ultra-HD feature can click four photos in a row and combines the best parts of each to make one 50-MP with ultra-high-definition. Anti-shake 2.0 allow the F3 to select the clearest image from a stream of images. You can compose a beautiful and blur free photo.


The most regarded ColorOS3.0 is a highly responsive operating system providing faster, steadier, and smoother device performance.

Tidy UI

ColorOS3.0 has a neat and tidy appearance that reduces the built-in image library for increased efficiency and speed.


System speed is overall boosted by 25 percent compared to older version, and the Home screen loading speed is increased by 35 percent.The installation of apps speed is also increased by 41 percent.

Power Saving

Color OS 3.0 manages background apps and their power usage automatically, saving battery while ensuring fluid performance.

Clone App

This feature allows users to operate dual accounts for apps like Whatsapp.

Privacy Protection

Privacy of users is ensured with the activation of this feature, hiding all your files automatically.


No virus can harm your Oppo F3as it features a virus scanner to provide industry-leading security protection.

Eye Protection

This feature filters the blue light of the screen to protect your eyesight and preserves your natural sleep cycle. Your eyesight will not be weak by using your phone for hours.

Long Screen Captures

It can save longer chat history and stuff with ease.

Snappy Operating System and Spaciousness

This Oppo F3comes in a 4GB RAM and an Octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz on MT6750Tchipset that brings excellent processing power for all the apps and functions.

Dual Nano 4G SIM and Extendable Storage

There is a dual-slot tray that users can use for two separate 4G SIM cards andan SD memory card of up to 128 GB simultaneously. This allows the users to have the space for at least 50,000 photos.

Lightning-fast fingerprint recognition and encryption

The Oppo F3uses front-facing fingerprint recognition for unlocking the phone. This device is also water resistant so don’t worry in case your phone falls in water for some time. Users can also easily encrypt apps and documents with fingerprints.

Sophisticated Sleek Design

Thinner and Lighter

The F3 is light and thin with 5.5 inches screen gives you a comfortable grip. The frame narrows down 27% with a 2.0mm narrow bezel.

Sleek Metal body

The thin metallic band is there at the back of F3 giving you smooth texture with radiant metal back panel. Every detail of the F3 comes together to give an impression of mercurial grace and beauty.

FHD In-Cell Display

Integrated with in-cell technology, the FHD display of Oppo F3 is surely amazing that decreases 1/4th of the normal screen thickness. It penetrates the whole screen giving a brighter vision.

The OPPO F3 Specifications

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Reviews & Comments

Not only selfie all things are perfect in this as per the pricing. Price always matters. Today is the market of competition and looking to this scenario Oppo F3 is the best choice. Metallic body, sleek design, 4 GB, 64 GB space expandable option, camera quality and extra features, and processor is not at all bad.
But taste of everybody id different, everyone has his/her own choice.

Rohit , New Delhi Thu 11 May, 2017

bas is dunya me sirf selfi reh gyi he selfi me g lo selfi me mar lo selfi ke elawa is me koi procesar to acha laga do

shahid , lahore Wed 10 May, 2017