OPPO F9 VOOC charge is THE solution to all your battery problems

While looking for a new phone, you look at the variety of features that it packs! All of these features, may it be the sound quality, the camera, or the bright display, rely on one single aspect of the phone: the battery!

Essentiality of a Battery

People generally desire their phone to last a day without charging, regardless of the number of applications they run on it in the background. In fact, a lot of us are even using these cell phones to work from home, to keep in touch with colleagues on the go, and to discuss matters in real time. If you have a phone with a poor battery life, or slow charging, that can literally put your personal and professional life at a halt!

Struggles with a poor battery-life in cell phones are real. Thankfully, OPPO has stepped up its game with in their new phone, F9! By pairing it with the VOOC Flash Charge Technology, they claim that the phone can offer an astounding 2 hours of talk time on a charge of just 5 minutes!

Let’s dive deeper into the brilliance of OPPO F9.

The Power of OPPO F9


Let’s begin with the phone’s battery capacity: OPPO F9 packs an astonishing 3500 mAh battery that works with the UI of this phone to offer efficient battery consumption. This battery powers the device that is powered by octa-core (2 GHz, Quad-core, Cortex A73 + 2 GHz, Quad-core, Cortex A53) processor and offers 64gb internal storage and 4gb ram which can smoothly run heavy apps without any hiccups. In layman terms, you can use all the features very smoothly, without the fear of losing battery.

OPPO F9’s most promising feature, undoubtedly, is the VOOC Flash Charging—a brilliant tech that allows your phone to charge faster than ever. The best part is that this technology has gone through several rigorous tests and ensures a 5-layer protection so you wouldn’t have to worry about safety. The VOOC tech was previously introduced by OPPO in the F1 and F3 model. It’s back in the F9, only with improved safety, and a far better performance than ever before: no wonder why over 90M people across the globe are enjoying the benefits of VOOC Flash Charging.

To better comprehend what the modern VOOC technology is capable of, OPPO F9 offers 2 hours of talk time on 5 minutes of charge, amazing isn’t it? If you’re thinking that battery is the sole USP of this phone, read on and you'll know why you need to rethink the new OPPO F9. It features:
● As aesthetically appealing gradient design
● Two vibrant colors- Sunrise Red and Twilight blue
● Sharp 16MP+2MP Dual Rear Camera
● 25MP front camera with AI Tech
● Crisp 6.3” FHD+ display with 90.8% screen-to-body ratio

To put it in a nutshell, this is easily one of the best phones out in the market right now, and guess what? You can get it from any mobile outlet only for Rs.44,999 (6GB) or Rs.39,999 (4GB).

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