QMobile 4G Plus: 4G phone in just Rs 4,000

QMobile 4G Plus is now available sale. The company launched it in collaboration with Telenor, the leading mobile network. The phone is giving different salient features in the affordable price. However, this QMobile 4G Plus is bringing the revolution for people who use feature phones.

Normally, a feature phone is associated with simple features and slow internet speeds. However, QMobile 4G Plus is offering high internet network of 4G at the nominal price tag of just Rs 4,000.

QMobile 4G Plus runs on Kai Operating System and will offer the great user experience during the usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.However, Kai Store is offering around 150 popular apps. In addition, the Google Assistant with typing and voice navigation is also available.

QMobile is offering free 4G internet for 90 days in collaboration with Telenor. Therefore, all QMobile 4G Plus users with Telenor 4G SIM will be able to use unlimited 4G internet for the said duration.

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Is it available in Market?

Mehmood , Rawalpindi Fri 15 Nov, 2019