Redefining Mobile Photography with ZEISS: vivo’s Flagship X70 Pro Brings a New Era

For decades, photographs have been a critical tool for documentation - key moments in history, sporting events, breathtaking views of natural wonders, and more. However, as we enter an era of digital connectivity, photographs become even more invaluable. They are how we express our ideas, document our lives, and preserve our memories for years to come. It is like placing a little bookmark on things we would always like to remember and come back to, and when we do remember them, we want those memories to be as clear as when we first experienced them.


Having a camera that offers fire-and-forget reliability is non-negotiable in the fast-moving world of today. However, most smartphone cameras are still somewhat limited and fail to produce results that you could truly be proud of. Well, not anymore!

vivo, the global smartphone giant renowned for its contribution to mobile camera innovation, has partnered with ZEISS to take mobile photography to new heights with its latest X series flagship, the X70 Pro. ZEISS has a 175-year long history of developing the most bleeding-edge camera lenses and is a brand favored by professionals globally. The two brands have co-engineered a camera system that brings smartphone photography at par with professional standards, delivering the ultimate mobile photography experience to users.


High-End Professional Photography Flagship

X70 Pro features a Quad Rear Camera array with a 50MP Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera, a 12MP 2X Portrait Camera, a 12MP Wide-Angle camera, and an 8MP 5X Periscope Camera. The Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera on the X70 Pro utilizes a customized version of the SONY IMX766V sensor, which improves light intake and photosensitive performance. Coupled with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0, it enables faster focus, delivering stable and clear images, even at night. VIS 5-Axis Ultra Stable Video technology integrates enhanced OIS with EIS to transition the X/Y-axis with Z-axis rotation for well-rounded stability and now covers an even wider angle. The X70 Pro also brings a 60X Hyper Zoom. The powerful 5X Periscopic Camera of X70 Pro supports up to 60X hybrid zoom, turning faraway views into strikingly vivid images.

A suite of multi-modal photography and videography features are also present on the X70 Pro, allowingusers to unleash their creative potential and explore new visual aesthetics.

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision enables bright, real-time previews that immediately show you the effect of night shots taken without having to wait, ensuring that what you see is what you get!

Super Night Video, combined with the Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera and advanced algorithms,reduces noise and enhancesthe brightness of the video effects in extreme dark and night environments. With the capabilities of the ZEISS T* Coating, the Pure Night Vieweliminates ghosting and glare, restoring the purity of night in all your photos!

With ZEISS Style Portrait, vivo and ZEISS bring four exciting classic ZEISS lenses into one device, including Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar, to deliver a richer photography experience to users.

The Pro Cinematic Mode allows you to control and adjust various video parameters to shoot professional videos with creative freedom! Whether you are a student working on a film project or a seasoned cinematographer who wants to shoot on the go, the X70 Pro has the perfect camera features for you to shoot anytime, anywhere.

The X70 Pro delivers in all aspects, making it the perfect no-compromise flagship smartphone that you could get your hands on. Available in Cosmic Black or Aurora Dawn colorways, the phone is priced at Rs. 139,999and is available for purchase across Pakistan.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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