Rivo Mobile Phones Launched By Advance Telecom In Pakistan

The local mobile phone industry of Pakistan is growing and flourishing in the modern era. The industry is dominated by QMobile enjoying lion’s share along with Voice Mobile, VGO TEL, GFIVE, and CALME. Advance Telecom, a renowned mobile phone distributor, partner and distributor of Microsoft devices, has recently launched a new mobile phone brand ‘RIVO Mobile’ in Pakistan.

Initially there are three categories of phones launched by the company are designed in Hungry; namely tech savvy RIVO Phantom smartphones, the mid range RIVO Rhythm smartphones and the low end RIVO feature phones.


The tech savvy and stylish phones from RIVO are set to take the local mobile market by storm. Android based smart phones from RIVO offers a diverse and economical price range with as low as Rs. 1,800 up to Rs. 23,500 for Rivo Phantom PZ15 for its flagship Android smart phone. RIVO customers can facilitate from the amazing features spec and value-added services designed to cater consumer need.

Some of the flagship devices from RIVO are RIVO Rhythm RX55, RIVO Phantom PZ8, Rivo Rhythm RX60, Rivo Rhythm RX40, RIVO Rhythm RX35, RIVO Phantom PZ15, and Rivo Phantom PZ10. These devices are said to give tough competition to the brands like QMobile, VOICE, Huawei, and Lenovo in terms of feasible pricing, specs and features. The competitors in this fast-paced market will surely lose some of the sovereignty they have been enjoying, but maybe that’s exactly what’s needed to ignite up some innovation.

Advance Telecom is investing higher chunks of budgets and has determined plans for the series. RIVO is all set to launch on 15th February in the midst of the glitz of World Cup 2015.

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devil , karachi Wed 15 Apr, 2015


adnan , karachi Sat 07 Mar, 2015