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Feast your senses with the unveiling of two beastly phablet by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Note Edge. These devices are considered to be an expansion in the flagship Note Series. Samsung has recently claimed its supremacy by firing its latest shot at Apple with the launch of its flagship phablet and wearable device.

After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are official now. The Note 4 comes as an upgrade of Note 3 while the Note Edge comes with a bent screen. At initial stage there was a buzz in the market that it will be a niche product, as who would prefer such a giant device in hand? Let’s find out what Samsung has got for us this time.

Galaxy Note 4

The major highlight of
Galaxy Note 4 is the gigantic screen display. It is packed in a 5.7-inch AMOLED with ridiculously high 515 PPI. The back of the phablet comes in a faux-leather, soft-touch back similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung has stick to its standard Note formula in terms of appearance of usual Samsung rectangle. The Galaxy Note 4 runs on Android 4.4 operating system. It is equipped with a 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory which is extendable up to 64 GB via micro SD card matching the Note 3’s specs sheet. The camera specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are improved and upgraded from 13 mega pixels to 16 mega pixels, the front facing camera has boosted from 2.1 mega pixels to 3.7 mega pixels. The battery life is improved a bit from 3200 mAh to 3220 mAh. You are getting an S Pen with regular hover inputs, sensitive drawing as the device supports upgraded sensitivity levels from 1,024 to 2,048.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in a modified version of Samsung multi window capabilities. Using an S-Pen the users can minimize individual apps to take up a corner of the screen while you poke around. The new smart feature of Note 4 is UV sensor at the back of the device along with fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor. It also carries a beefed up clipboard that can save and retain bundle of information, images, text for posting and sharing.

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Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is slightly different from Note 4. It appears to be a Note phone, but with a bent edge that also houses a strip of screen. If you witness the app icon tray it appears to have a bent edge rather than across the bottom of the screen. The Galaxy Note Edge sports a 5.6-inch AMOLED screen display that retains the ultra-high resolution adding an extra row of pixels to support the edge of the screen, with total resolution appears to be 2560×1600. The edge space of Samsung is specifically for the Note Edge used as a clock display by Samsung when the screen is off, for photo, video viewing, notifications, playback options, stock ticker, and other smaller bits of information updated constantly. The specs sheet of Samsung Note Edge are said to be identical to Note 4’s, which means the users are getting a 2.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon 805, 3 GB RAM along with internal memory storage of 32 GB extendable via SD card. It comes in a whooping 16 mega pixel rear camera, the S Pen, a smaller 3000 mAh battery life. The Galaxy Edge’s battery falls a bit short as compared to Note 4’s.

Wait is over, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge hits the store.

View Full Specs And Features of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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