Samsung Galaxy S9 VS iPhone X

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not have hit the drop but when it does it will be meeting its rival iPhone X head to head or more like screen to screen. All of us are confused which smartphone to invest in. We don’t know the specs of Galaxy S9 so far, there has been various of leaks and buzzes, so based on that let’s compare the two.


From what we have heard iPhone X and the S9 both features a superior all glass design fenced by a metal frame and both will meet eye to eye by their bezel less display. From the renders of S9 leaked we know for a fact that it doesn’t features a small notch at the top of display unlike iPhone does.

While we aren’t sure of specific dimensions of S9, but we do expect it to be a little skinnier and thinner compared to iPhone X. The S9 shave some weight off with every new release so it is expected that iPhone X is going to be heavier than the Galaxy S9.


The iPhone X is water and dust resistant to a microscopic level, and Samsung stating it is IP68 water and dust resistant, therefore guessing the same from Galaxy S9 as well.

The iPhone X’s 5.8in OLED edge-to-edge display stretched to fill the front of the smartphone, with the highest resolution screen the super retina display at 2436X1125 and 458ppi on any IPhone yet. The Galaxy S9 is rumored to feature a 5.8in or 6.2in in QHD+ Super AMOLED curved display with 570ppi or 529ppi respectively.


The iPhone X with A11 Bionic CPU comes paired with an Apple-built GPU. This six core Bionic CPU is further distributed into four high performance cores and two low performance cores, through the regular cores being 25 per cent faster than previous A10 chip. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to sport Exynos 9810 processor, an eight core CPU with four performance processor cores that is expected to reach the speeds up to 2.9GHz and for extending battery life by four efficient cores. The Exynos 9810 assures to be more energy efficient, therefore expect for it to provide much better battery life. The S9 is rumored to pack 6GB RAM with 64GB or 256GB built in storage compared to the iPhone X’s 3GB RAM.


The iPhone X runs iOS11 which will sport the only available pricey flagships, animated emoji. It also includes Face ID, navigation of home with new gestures and multitasking, and selfie modes and portrait lighting. The Galaxy S9 will run Android 8.0 Oreo which will equip the device with handful of features including the Galaxy’s Apps, new emoji, multitasking will be much easier with picture-in-picture feature.


Both smartphone will be sporting a 12MP camera setup with OIS. The Galaxy S9 will sport a single lens 12MP camera with an f/1.5 aperture lens, optical image stabilization and 8X digital zoom, along with 8MP selfie camera. A dual 12MP and 7MP front facing camera setup debuts on iPhone X, that can shoot video in 4K now at up to 60fps and 108-p slo-mo videos at 240fps. The pricing for Galaxy S9 is to be expected a little less than the iPhone X.

We will wait until the release of S9 to give the verdict that which one is better. We won’t have to wait long as Samsung has confirmed it will be launching by the end of February in MWC Barcelona.

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