Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 9 with Gigantic Screen, & More Powerful S Pen

Samsung, world’s most powerful technology brand has recently unveiled Galaxy Note 9. The device is launched with an aim to boost the deteriorating sales of high end flagship devices.

With this latest gadget launch, Samsung is expecting to make a comeback in the competitive smart phone market by winning back the trust of customers. Samsung being the leader in global smart phone market has suffered huge set back with a 22 percent decline in mobile sales in the second quarter.

Growth of Huawei in international mobile phone industry, and declining demand of Samsung Galaxy S9, has been challenging for Samsung mobiles.

In order to meet the challenges, Samsung unveiled high tech gadgets, including a smart watch, smart speaker, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which will be available for sale on August 24, 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comprises of series of improvements, but it does not feature any big innovative shift. Memory capacity is boosted in Note 9 which allows the users to enjoy video games such as Fortnite etc.

Largest Ever in Note Series

With a gigantic display of 6.4 inches, Samsung Note 9 is certainly larger than life. It can be a perfect device to watch your Netflix series, or even play games or even type long emails.

Available in 4 Vibrant Colors

Samsung Note 9 will be available in four amazing colors such as Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Metallic Copper, and Lavender Purple. You can pick and choose the desired variant according to your preference.

1st 1 TB Smart Phone Ever

Memory options available in Note 9 are of 128 GB with 6 GB RAM, and 512 GB with 8 GB RAM, which can be further extended with the use of micro SD card support up to 512 GB.

All Day Battery

Battery life is also enhanced by Samsung, so you can use your device carefree for an entire day without feeling any need to recharge. You can now avail 4000 mAh battery built in inside. This is certainly a relief for many users.

Powerful New S-Pen

Other significant improvements include tweaks to the device’s “S Pen” feature. This can be used as a remote control for clicking impressive pictures or selfies using Bluetooth technology.


Revolution for Mobile Gaming

Super fast processor and the assistance of amazing graphics, powerful battery makes it easier for Note 9 to provide flawless performance. Capacity is certainly enough for video games in Note 9. Samsung has set up a promotion with the popular Fortnite game that lets users download a special mobile version.

Powerful Smart Camera

Dual camera setup is present of 12 MP that is the most spectacular feature that enables users to click amazing photos, selfies, and record videos.

Computing Power

Samsung Dex (which provides PC like experience), giving you computing power in pocket.

Loudest Ever On A Note

AKG 2 Stereo speakers can convert your surroundings into a concert where you can enjoy your favorite music.

Expensive, not Radically Innovative

According to some sources, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 version with 512 GB will be the most expensive smart phone available for sale for general public.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB model will be $1,250 in the United States, while the 128 GB version will go for $1,000. Apple’s iPhone X in a 256 GB version will be sold for about $1,150.

According to tech-industry trackers International Data Corporation, global smart phone sales declined by 1.8% in the second quarter to 342 million, amid market saturation and increasing prices.

Avi Greengart, analyst at Global Data, regarded the new Note 9 upgrades as “iterative,” adding “there is nothing radically new here.”

He said, “It’s a really expensive phone and for people who are looking for a premium Android phone, they may well find it quite appealing.” “But it isn’t likely to get people to consider the Note device for the very first time.”

Greengart is of opinion that in comparison, Apple’s more spectacular overhaul of the iPhone X design and user interface showed there is a “large group of people who are willing to spend whatever it takes” to upgrade.

Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Home speaker device, a first for the South Korean company in a market that already contains Amazon’s Echo and Alphabet’s Google Home program.

Samsung also announced a partnership with streaming music service Spotify to allow “stream less listening” across all Samsung devices. This includes smart phones, tablets and smart TVs, as well as the Galaxy Home.

The smart speaker of Samsung may have a better shot outside the United States, said Patrick Moorhead, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

Moorhead said, “In the US, Alexa is very entrenched and so is Google Assistant, so it might be a challenge, but not so much in other parts of the world.”


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