Samsung Leaks that Galaxy Note 10 will have 4 unique variants

In the month of august, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is due this year and with the antics that Samsung leaked, launching 4 different S10 models, we are waiting for something similar for Galaxy Note 10 also.

Currently, a known tipster revealed that Samsung will launch a Note 10 Pro version along with the standard version in 4 different variants. Not only will this but, Samsung also be launching two other Galaxy Note variants.

Two models will have 5G connectivity. Since the model numbers for the Note 10 were leaked before, pointing at four models, this news has been dyed in the wool.

The rumors and leaks did not reveal all the specs and details about the 4 models. We only know Samsung is planning to add a cinematic screen to one of the variants and it’s expected to be the Note 10 Pro.

The Note 10 pro will come with rear cameras featuring four sensors and a 6.75-inch Super AMOLED cinematic display. All variants will either use Exynos 9820 chipset or the Snapdragon 855.

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