Samsung Mobiles has Increased its Smart phone Prices

Devaluation of Pakistani currency has adversely affected the prices of various imported products in Pakistan.

Smart phones being the salient most imported product has also experienced a rise in prices.

Samsung Mobiles is undoubtedly the initial company to change the prices of their smart phones after devaluation of Pakistani rupee. The price hike of Samsung on its flagship devices is significant.

This comes as a hard hitting fact for Pakistanis, as Galaxy Note 9 was filthy expensive, whereas the J-series was budget friendly.

Moreover, it is expected that Samsung Mobiles might increase the price of its other leading smartphones in the coming days.

Samsung Mobile Price in Pakistan

Some of the smart phones that are affected by Samsung’s recent modification in in price include,
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – From Rs. 129,999 to Rs.139, 999
Samsung Galaxy J4+ — From Rs. 23,499 to Rs. 24,999
Samsung Galaxy J6+ — From Rs. 29,499 to Rs. 31,499
Samsung Galaxy J4 — From Rs. 18,499 to Rs. 19,999
Samsung Galaxy J6 — From Rs. 25,999 to Rs. 27,999

The affordable J- series devices only had maximum of PKR 2000 rise from their previous prices. Galaxy Note 9, on the contrary, had a significant price increase of Rs.10, 000 from its previous price.

Will other brands follow Samsung?

Following the footsteps of Samsung will other brands also increase prices of their devices? This question comes in everyone’s mind. Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor have not yet announced an increase in the price of their smartphones for now.

None of the brands have made any official statement yet but it’s only a matter of time before every smart phone brand follows Samsung’s route.

Coming to the dedicated iPhone fans, they will have to experience a huge price hike, since Apple does not have an official store in Pakistan. This leaves them the only option to purchase the Apple’s latest device from third party vendors.

So the already expensive Apple iPhones gets a price hike with the addition of vendors’ commission and the devaluation of Pakistani rupee.

This will amount to a massive increase in the total price of products from companies like Apple, Google, and HTC.

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