Samsung Reveals Latest Camera Sensors for Multi-Camera Smartphones

Multiple cameras is a must feature in almost every smart phone these days. Recently, Samsung has launched the Galaxy A7 2018 and Galaxy A9 2018 which triple and quadruple cameras respectively.

There is a possibility of adding more features to these multi cameras sensors without adding any volume to the design. Samsung has just unveiled two new camera sensors.

South Korean brand Samsung has just unveiled two new 0.8-micrometer image sensors for devices with multiple cameras. These are 48MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 and the 32MP ISOCELL Bright GD1.

Both camera sensors are manufactured with the goal to allow smartphone manufacturers to fit more cameras in a single device without adding any volume to the smartphone’s size.

The reduced pixel size of these camera sensors allows smartphone makers to build smaller camera models without compromising the design footprints of a specific device.

However, image quality is compromised on smaller pixels, but this still fits like a good solution for secondary camera sensors.

Samsung has employed Isocell Plus and Tetra cell technology in both the GD1 and GM1. It allows four pixels to work as one to increase light sensitivity.

The GD1 also supports the HDR feature. The manufacture of both sensors is expected to start in Q4 2018, while smartphones equipped with them should arrive in the upcoming months.

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