Samsung’s Foldable Smart Phone Trademarks as ‘The Future Unfolds’

Is Samsung’s think tank willing to give its upcoming foldable smart phone the name of Samsung Galaxy X moniker which was trademarked back in 2017? This is frequently asked question, since Samsung initially filed for the protection of the Galaxy X moniker through the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in 2017.

CEO of Samsung Mr. DJ Koh has recently indicated that its firm’s first foldable smartphone could be unveiled as soon as possible. It has been estimated that it will be unveiled probably at the company’s developer conference coming up later in November, even though it might not hit the shelves until later in 2019.

In anticipation of its expected unveiling in November, a recent trademark filing in Europe has unveiled a tag line ‘The Future Unfolds’ for the foldable smart phone.

Although the trademark filing doesn’t contain much when it comes to revealing information, it is certainly revealed that the Samsung might not be using the tagline only for its foldable smartphone, but also for other product categories including, televisions, LED lamps, tablets, hairdryers, and washing machines, to name just a few.

Of course, that the company has already patented “The Future Unfolds” isn’t a guarantee it might use it for any of its devices, but then, the phrase certainly sounds cool if used for its anticipated foldable smartphone.

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