Spark 6 or Infinix Note 7? Let's make your choice easier!

TECNO and Infinix are both sister brands from the same mobile manufactures, Transsion Holding. The parent brand is a well-known Chinese mobile manufacturing company, that has completely changed the dimensions of the smartphone world with the cloud of its productions. The company has successfully added another feather in its cap after becoming the fastest growing company worldwide.

The sister brands TECNO and Infinix have evidently increased the popularity of Transsion holding in Pakistan. Recently, TECNO and Infinix have launched Tecno Spark 6 and Infinix Note 7 in the Pakistani smartphone market respectively. Apparently, both phones holds the same ID design and body which might confuse the customers to choose between the two.


Let’s discuss their major differences here to see which one to choose.

1. Price:

There is a significant price difference between the two. TECNO Spark 6 comes with at a very reasonable and affordable price of 20,599 PKR while Infinix Note 7 holds a price tag of 28,999 PKR.

2. Processor:

The ultimate G70 processor is the most prominent feature of both the phone, Spark 6 and Note 7. The Media TekHelio G70 processor is ideal for gaming purposes and mainstream smartphone users. But there is no match of TECNO Spark 6 in the gaming segment. Spark 6 is a Real hero phone and gives a next-level gaming experience to the user, while Infinix despite having the same processor couldn't deliver the same feel to the handler.

3. Feature upgrades

TECNO Spark 6comes with 6 upgraded features, including the 2K beauty feature and the gaming experience, which cannot be seen in any other phone from the Spark series. While Infinix did not bring any much innovation in the Note 7.

4. Video Beauty:

The 2K beauty effect along with the flawless bokeh effect in TECNO Spark 6 gives it a clear victory over any other phone. The bokeh effect is not only available in pictures but also in video mode, while in Infinix Note 7 bokeh effect is non-operational in video mode.

Bearing in mind the price and features, we can easily say that TECNO Spark 6 is a more affordable and smart choice than Infinix Note 7. Spark 6 is the best gaming phone available in the market equipped with 6 upgraded features, and 4+ 64 GB spacious memory. All this without digging a hole in your pockets.

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