Survey Reveals Video Calling is Top Priority for 3G/4G Usage

The recent Short Survey has revealed about the priorities of Pakistani mobile phone users, since the 3G and 4G internet services will become available throughout the country.

In survey user are asked to which service they will use with 3G and 4G; while giving them many different other options into choose from.

By the date of today, the total of 7,489 users participated in the survey out of which the highest votes (24.17%) are in favor to Video Calling and Chatting. It seems normal that many of our users are waiting to avail 3G and 4G service.

21.11% voters said that they will use this service for browsing the web, while 19.98% users voted for video streaming.


It was refreshing to see that 16.32% voters said they will use this service for educational purposes.
Interestingly, 2.34% voters suggested that they do not consider using the 3G service even after its availability in Pakistan.

Let’s hope that the country’s telecom sector can continue to prosper; and we as mobile users receive the ultimate benefits of this growth.

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