The Most Anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Set To Feature Minimalist Interface

Nothing can stop people and social media to gossip about the Samsung’s next flagship. Countless leaks have made it to the internet, that includes some hardware upgrades for the Galaxy S8, shifting to an open panel, software updates is the grey area etc, but this latest minimalist design is something surely captivating for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Seeing how harshly Samsung has been criticized in the past for its excessive take on Android, it is quite refreshing to see its efforts to tone-down finally bear fruit. The leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 were discovered via the Smart Switch APK. The icon packs which were leaked online feature a flatter look with clean outlines for logos, with some hints of skeuomorphism. According to the reports, the icons are shaped in such a way to look pretty much the same, following the same design language as was introduced with the Samsung Experience skin it embraced earlier in previous models.

Leaked reports depicts that underneath the launcher, you see the three on-screen Android keys which are expected to be used in place of the brand’s traditionally used hardware physical buttons. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also reportedly said to run on Android 7.0 Nougat OS, which is really the only option if you consider its availability and the nature of this release. News and Samsung’s insight reveals that both Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus flagships by the month-end, on March 29th 2017. What will be price of Samsung Galaxy S8 and its plus version in Pakistan? Time will tell. Until then, watch out for more leaks…

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