Top gadgets from Consumer Electronics Show

America's biggest trade show is taking place in Las Vegas with some of the latest gadgets on show. More than 150,000 people are expected to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Journalists got to check the technology out first, including this 84" (213cm) computer touch table.

Journalists got to check the technology out first, including this 84" (213cm) computer touch table.
The main sales push this year is around Ultra HD LED TVs. It's to combat consumers shifting from TVs, PCs and single devices such as camcorders to tablets and smartphones. This TV by LG Electronics is an 84" (213cm) model which will cost $19,999.99 in America (£12,305).
Mobile phone accessories and mobile phones are increasingly important at the show. The Sculpteo 3DPCase iPhone case (left) features two faces looking at each other. Waterproof block technology is featured (centre) and the Spare One phone (right) works with two AA batteries and costs $99 (£60).
These Matrix Qubes from Matrix Audio are pocket-sized speakers. They sell for $50 (£30) each and are available online. It's claimed they are the world’s smallest three-watt speakers and are slightly smaller than golf balls.
These goggles from Liquid Image have a built-in camera and Wi-Fi. They will cost $399 (£245). The goggles also feature GPS and can be controlled with a smartphone app. They can be used for extreme sports like snowboarding.
Rohan Marley, son of late Reggae musician Bob Marley, displays the $799 (£491) One Foundation speaker system from the House of Marley.
This Eversense electronic thermostat by Allure Energy is also on display at the show in the Mandalay Bay hotel. The electronic energy management system allows a user to control their home environment using a smartphone.
This electronic fork will monitor your eating habits and will be available in the summer for $100 (£61). The fork keeps track of the number of servings you eat, measures how fast you are eating and alerts the user with lights and vibration if you are eating too fast.
This is a 12-button Gila GX Gaming Series mouse by Genius. It can record up to 72 macro keys per button and sells for $99 (£60).
The WeMo light switch by Belkin has been launched. The $49 (£30) switch, controlled wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet, is expected to be in shops this summer.
This EGO video camera, which is a Wi-Fi-enabled camera and mountable Full HD camera, has live view features through a smartphone or tablet. The camera cost $179 (£110).
Brushbuddies displays its range of talking, singing and and pop-up tooth-brushes. They include One Direction and Psy models.
The MyLink system for Chevrolet's Spark car is on display. As well as being able to run a variety of apps from Apple and Android devices, the system also incorporates Siri voice command software.
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