Unboxing The New Camon I4

Over the Box

Tecno has launched another cool gadget under title of Camon i4. And we are covering our Unboxing experience we had with the newly launched gadget of Camon i4 in this very article. So to mark the prime features of Camon i4 first, the best shot Camon i4 had at us were the phone’s 100 day warranty and one time free screen replacement. Surely it’s a good shot at securing customer’s trust by the company. 100 Day warranty and a free one time screen replacement offer is basically a win-win act both for consumers and company. In case you are getting your phone slipped upon sparkling tiles or bumpy roads, Tecno will make sure it adds ease to your immediate loss; if not every time than at least one time.

Anyway, next notable features which Tecno is highlighting in pride are the 16MP AI triple rear camera set, view expanding dot notch screen and everything updated on the latest android 9 Pie operating system in the Camon i4 new model.


As we unseal the box, we find few elements placed inside which includes the phone on top, a silicon jelly cover with designed pattern on surface, a power adapter of 5 Volt & 2.5 Ampere, SIM ejection tool and a connector cable. The jelly cover is an interesting piece with line patterns designed on its surface creating a spark of interest.


Coming to the Camon i4 phone gadget now, rear of the phone has a unique texture and color play view. As you move the phone, the poly carbonic made and glass finished rear view of the Camon i4 showcases varying intensities of the color. Camon i4 has got a real smooth, even and sparkling rear design which will surely please your interest.

The Phone

With a slightly thick bottom chin and a confidently highlighted dot notch display, the front screen expands to up to 6.2 inches at HD+ quality. Popped up volume buttons and power switch both are on the right side of phone. A finger print sensor is slotted right on top-middle of the rear side. Speakers and ejecting spaces are framed on the bottom layer. The overall look of the phone is good and appeals to be explored on a deeper level, performance vise.


Performance factors, however, will be revealing in our upcoming in-detail review for Camon i4 in which we will bring a zoomed in review of each and every detail lying in the phone but till then we want you to stay connected with us and keep on reading news, reviews and updates about all the currently launching and latest phone models.

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