Vice President Huawei Shows off Mate 20 Series in a Vibrant Interview Session

On Wednesday, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) conducted a press conference for the pre-launch of its latest anticipatedsmartphone flagship range – Huawei Mate 20 series – in an exclusive ceremony that took place atBurjKhalifa, Dubai. The pre-launch conference included Clement Wong – the Vice President of the Global Product Marketing at Huawei Device Co. Ltd, and Jason Chen, who is the Business Management Specialist at Huawei.

The press conference started with the two presenting the phone with their own hands, and along with that, they were available to answer the reporters’ questions. Later, they promised to release the price of “the King of Smartphones”.

According to them, the Mate 20 Series – which includes the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Porsche Design Mate 20 RS–promises advanced artificial intelligence, imaging, and a strong processor. This makes the second biggest pre-launch of the year by Huawei. Before this, the P20 Series shimmered in glory during the month of March this year.

During the Huawei Mate 20 Series press conference, in-depth questions were asked related to the latest smartphone series. One of the questions was used to determine the highlight of the phone series. To which Clement Wong – the Vice President of the Global Product Marketing at Huawei Device Co. Ltd – said that he loves everything about the phone.

“The first thing you will see when you hold the phone is the eye-catching camera design,” Wong said as he pointed towards the camera. “The whole camera design this time is unique this time. It is unique in the market and nobody has done it before.”

The Huawei Mate 20 series sports a square cutout of triple-lens rear cameras setup that is promised to have a sharp result with every photo taken.

While talking about whether the Mate 20 series differs from its P Series, Wong said, “We make sure that the mate series is always focused on advanced technology. We use the latest and top notch technology in the Mate series.”

Although Huawei has reached No. 2 rank as one of the best smartphones globally, the iPhone still maintains its first position in the market. When asked if the latest Mate 20 Series was going to compete against Apple’s upcoming releases, "We are not always chasing the competitors. Instead the whole engineering team, the whole crew, is focused on time thing: To deliver a great product to the consumer. That is the major driving force for us, not chasing the competitors," Wong explained.

Huawei’s performance in the region and how the brand has grown over the course of the years to become the 2nd largest smartphone brand regionally and globally.

Aside from the eye-catching triple camera setup, the Mate 20 Pro also introduces wireless charging for the first time as well as reverse wireless charging. This also means that the Mate 20 Pro can act as a power bank for other compatible devices, such as an iPhone. It also features a 3D face unlock function and an in-screen fingerprint scanner.


Other than that, the series comes with the latest proprietary chipset, the 7-nanometre Kirin 980, which promises high-speed performance and is compatible with gamers.

The company earlier revealed that compared to the previous 10-nanometre 970 release, the new processor will provide 75 percent better performance and 58 percent enhanced power efficiency. The Graphics will 48 percent sharper and power efficiency will boost up to 178 percent.

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