VIVO V7 plus: Extra ordinary Features for Powerful Performance

Hardware & Software

VIVO V7 + is fueled by Qualcomm entry-level Snapdragon 450 processor, that makes your functionality smoother but hesitates while processing heavier apps. The phone slows down and sometimes restarts on its own. Multi tasking remain glitch free due to the presence of 4GB RAM. There is no lag in switching apps or working on two apps simultaneously.

The VIVO V7+ runs Android Nougat under Vivo’s customized Fun touch skin. The iOS-inspired theme is a bit confusing and takes some time to get hold of. There is also 64 GB internal storage, expandable using MicroSD. VIVO has updated the software to 7.1.2. In the new version, notifications are shown similar to like the iOS platform. Fun touch OS is a single layered UI so all your app icons are laid out on the home screen. Due to the taller screen, it is difficult to reach all corners; therefore, Vivo has incorporated a few features like one-handed mode and gestures.

The UI also has something called Smart Split 3.0, which lets you use two apps at the same time. Incoming messages fromWhatsapp and Face book Messenger can be seen on one half of the display so you don't need to exit the application you're currently working on. You can force split-screen mode with a three-finger swipe down.


VIVO V7+ is powered by a 3,225 mAh battery that keeps the device running for a full day, and more. The battery time comes down to 14 hours under heavy usage – extended camera use or online video watching sessions.


Talking about the performance of VIVO V7 plus, it has not disappointed the users. Despite having low SoC, it does not lag in terms of device functionality in regular usage. The user interface is pretty friendly and smoother to operate. It can multi task and handle all the large applications effectively. No trouble of overheating while gaming can be possible with this VIVO V7 plus. Airborne but got a steady framerate during actual gameplay.

The dialler app is pretty standard and there isn’t a native video calling option, but it does have a built-in call recorder.The taller widest display is a good canvas for watching videos and clicking selfies. You have the option to adjust scaling when you play a video so that it either sticks to the original aspect ratio or fills the display completely. Video recording is possible with 1080p files perfectly well but it struggles with higher resolution files and unfortunately doesn’t play 4K videos at all. The speaker is fairly loud and can make you party with friends any time. VIVO V7+ alsohas a decent DAC (AK4376A), which when paired with a good pair of headphones, offers a better voice experience.


Vivo V7+ smart phone has introduced variety of features that are first time ever in smart phones. The shift to 18:9 ratio displays has made screen to body ratio perfectly large. The phone has upgraded to Android Nougat OS. The front camera is doing a fine job in most lighting conditions. However, the low screen resolution, plastic body, and budget class processor are still questionable.

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