vivo X70 Pro redefines mobile photography with ZEISS

The recently launched vivo X70 Pro is not your everyday smartphone, this one stands apart in a crowd in terms of design and technology. vivo has brought to you the very best of its camera advancement for a user-friendly and professional imaging experience in collaboration with ZEISS.

When one talks of vivo’s X series camera system, it is impossible to leave out ZEISS’s contribution. ZEISS is a go-tochoice for most consumers when it comes to lenses. The brand’s unparalleled expertise in the field is truly noteworthy.


vivo and ZEISS together embarked on a journey to co-engineer an imaging system for vivo X60 Pro. Now, vivo, a global smartphone brand that thrives on its imaging capabilities and ZEISS, a leader in optical technology have continued their strategic partnership to bring out camera innovation like never before. With the X70 Pro, vivo brings two new vital technologies that show vivo’s dedication in producing top-notch smartphones for its customers.

First, vivo comes with an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera that specializes in miniaturizing the Gimbal Camera System to produce better, high-quality images through various height reduction techniques. It also ensures faster and more accurate focusing in dark environments. The technology further improves the light intake of the camera by 4.6% via the use of a vivo exclusive Color Filter Array technique that features a thinner and a more transparent color filter in comparison to others.

Second, the X70 Pro has been given the ZEISS T* Coating certification standard in all its cameras. This helps in enhancing the transmission rate of the visible light to improve the image quality and accurately restore colors of the image. This technology further reduces reflectivity to ensure there’s no stray lighting or ghosting. Meeting this certification standard guarantees better imaging in places with complicated lighting. So, whether you’re in a stadium full of lights or clicking a billboard, the X70 Pro camera system will yield top results.

The X70 Pro camera is a dream come true for mobile photographers and videographers for four major reasons. The following scenarios display the prowess of vivo’s deeply researched camera innovation:

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision

vivo believes that your pictures are as important as your memories and should be saved without any disappointments. vivo X70 Pro’s Real-Time Extreme Night Vision has achieved a brighter preview of the captured image. In the preview mode, it also allows users to manually adjust the exposure intensity. Most importantly, it displays the time required for shooting so users don’t keep waiting and have greater freedom during night-time photography. With the capabilities of the ZEISS T* Coating in the X70 Pro, the Pure Night View provides prevention of ghosting and glare to eliminate stray light and noise, restoring the purity of night in all your photos

ZEISS Style Portrait

vivo and ZEISS realize how important it is to keep up with the growing needs of the young consumers. So, vivo in collaboration with ZEISS has introduced fun and classic ZEISS styles in the X70 Pro. The feature uses three lenses, namely, Biotar, Planar and Sonnar to create quirky effects. While the Biotarlens generates a swirly bokeh effect, the Planar lens creates a classic bokeh effect with sharp-edged flares. Furthermore, the Sonnarlens brings out a creamy bokeh effect with a smooth background.

60X Hyper Zoom

The 60X Hyper Zoom, also known as the Periscope Camera, allows photographers to capture subjects from a great distance via the zooming algorithm.This feature helps turn faraway objects into strikingly vivid images while maintaining the quality of the image.

The vivo X70 Pro camera has shown significant innovation in camera technology, resulting in a gadget that is ideal for shooting in every setting. The X70 Pro was created specifically for photographers.

Visit vivo's official website to learn more about the phone, which is available in Aurora Dawn and Cosmic Black colour schemes:

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