vivo X80 —The Show Stopper That Makes Everyone Stop and Stare

One of the major players in bridging the gap between technology and lifestyle is the smartphone industrythrough variousinnovations year after year. It is a driving factor for brands to make the life of their users easier and more productive. There was no substitute for technology like laptops and cameras a decade ago. However, when you look at a smartphone today, it is the ultimate substitute, and it is only getting better at it.What you can do on your laptops, you can do on your phones as well. Every big thing that comes out gets Android and iOS support from companies.


When we talk about digital cameras, it also follows a similar scenario. Smartphones a few years back were definitely not camera centric and hence couldn't replace good digital cameras. However, given how far technology has progressed, we have realised that it's not farfetched that smartphones are slowly taking over the camera industry. The amount of innovation and technology that we see in smartphones today is mind blowing. Just look at vivo, as a leader in the global smartphone industry, it has been turning over the industry through its V and X series smartphones that feature game changing camera and imaging technology at par with expensive digital cameras. They offer mind boggling features and specs that are high end but easy to use. Through its X series, vivo is able to turn any average user into a professional photographer. It has even received appreciation from well-known tech gurus and enthusiasts. Afterall, ZEISS and vivo both partnered up to give life to this wonderful series and have been constantly improving every year with each product. Last year, through the X70 Pro, they created new benchmarks in the smartphone industry making people wonder how such beautiful DSLR level photography can be achieved with something that fits in their pocket.

This takes us to the latest highlight, vivo X80. Yes, you've heard it right! A new addition to the X series that is once again going to reset the game board and break benchmarks. This new device that has just been launched, is a culmination of vivo and ZEISS coming together yet again to produce this wonder. With vivo's research and innovation, paired with knowledge and technology of ZEISS, there's nothing this phone can't achieve. After all, this phone features a 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor that gives the power to any user to capture beautiful images even in any condition no matter if it's dark or bright. The camera technology features the much talked about ZEISS T* Coating that will help reduce light reflection and help achieve the summit of low light photography by capturing perfect images that are full of life and colour. That's definitely something that will turn its users into an exceptional photographer. But that's not all, there are numerous other features and technological aspects to this phone. vivo's own vivo V1+ Chip is your greatest helper in achieving perfection. It offers enhanced imaging, display and game graphics to the device that go beyond industry standards.

The device also provides cinematography enthusiasts with the ZEISS Professional Video, the ultimate videography technology. Multiple professional modes, such as ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh and AI Video Enhancement, are included in this function. The ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh gives consumers a film lens effect, making videos more elegant and film-like. The AI Video Enhancement, on the other hand, provides seamless transitions by detecting scene changes and assisting the camera in adapting to such changes. These modes are crucial in the development of a photography professional.

The phone not only aids professional videographers, but also professional photographers, thanks to its ZEISS Style Portrait feature, which improves the user's portrait experience. The Super Night Portrait complements it by providing the ability to capture beautiful portraits in low-light situations.

All of this is only possible because of the force behind the device that is the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Processor. This powerful processor offers a whopping 45% increase in performance over its predecessor. This alone makes it a powerful technology that will prove your experience seamless and smooth by enhancing gaming, streaming, and other multitasking capabilities of the phone. All this is powered by a strong 4500mAh Battery that offers a 80W FlashCharge. This powerful battery will keep your smartphone running all day long without any change in your usage habits. Even when required to charge, the 80W FlashCharge will upturn the logic and offer quick charging capabilities to the user.

The X80 not just uplifts a professional and creative lifestyle, but also one's fashion and style statement. vivo smartphones have always been the epitome of style and aesthetics. The X80 is no different. It is a fashion statement in itself that will make one stop and stare. It retains vivo's signature futuristic style but with a glimpse of mystery and mythic added into it. Delving more into the design aspect, the unique Cloud Window 2.0 balances a round camera on a square plate that offers elegance and style like never before. The Fluorite AG Glass offers a perfect grip and handheld experience with zero fingerprint smudges. The thin body and light curve screen fits into the pockets without any hassle. Even in tight jeans, the phone slides right into the pockets like butter on toast.

Talking more about the appearance of the phone, the X80 comes in two elegant colours, Cosmic Black and Urban Blue. The Cosmic Black is the aesthetic depiction of a starlit night sky. Whereas, the Urban Blue represents a pleasant day on a sunny island.

With such super performance and elegant design in one's hand, one can't help but see a direct effect on their lifestyle. Afterall, the main focus behind choosing a perfect smartphone is the deciding factor if it really brings something more and unique to the table than what you already have. vivo without any hassle occupies the entire table with its abundant features and specifications that fits in a single device.

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