Warid Comes With 4G LTE Deployment Plans For Their Users

Warid Telecom celebrating its 9th anniversary with the success of 4G LTE trails. These trials conduct on 9th anniversary along with the announcement of investing plan of US 400 million dollars countries economy and infrastructure.

Warid 4G LTE speed is recorded as high as 35.5 Mbps in download and 8.52 Mbps for upload. After the successful 4G LTE trails, approx 15 locations in Lahore will have 4G LTE within a month. Warid will start offer its customer a trail 4G LTE services by the end of the month June.

On the other hand, Warid decides to launch 4G LTE on its existing license because it has numbers of subscriber. Warid will go publically with 4G LTE plans soon which will stand opposite form its competing network services providers who have paid million of dollar for 3G and 4G licenses.


After inspecting the quality and standard of services PTA will release Warid to go ahead for launching 4G. Warid is confident enough to be able to meet the basic requirements of KPIs put down by PTA, service qualify for 2G subscribers will remain intact.

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Abdullah good smart phone

abdullah khan , drosh chitral Sat 26 Jul, 2014