What makes a smartphone the right one for youth?

We’ve asked the same question rather often than not, “What exactly does the youth need in a smartphone?” Our quest took us to question the consumer habits of the smartphone users especially the younger lot.

Today’s youth is more inclined towards recording their everyday adventures and silly moments and sharing it on social media. Their social scene is bursting with networking and hanging out with friends. They need to be more engaged as they are easily distracted. A huge part of their day is dominated by scrolling through their newsfeed and browsing through the night. Their need to be constantly present on social media is essential to their overall social presence. They like being bloggers and influencers as that position gives them the spotlight that they revel in.


The behaviors above made us ponder over which smartphone fits right into the description. The answer was clear as day; TecnoCamoni. The phone has a powerful battery that allows the user to stay connected to the social scene without the need for constant battery charging. The essential need to capture every moment of their life is supported by the 13MP front and rear camera. Camoni boasts of a camera that has a special low-light feature which takes amazing photos in night time and low lights. So the memories made after dark are never lost with the passage of time.

The phone features a night mode option that makes your browsing easier at night. So the night owls who like to read, watch or browse through the night can easily do so.

Our hunt for the right smartphone choice comes to a conclusion. It checks on all the boxes of what the youth needs and requires to be in the social scene. Camoniis what you’re looking for!

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