What’s Next for Flash Charging? OPPO Introduces a New Generation of Safer, Smarter Flash Charging Technology

 Leading global smart device brand OPPO held its “What’s Next for Flash Charging?”OPPO Flash Charge Open Daytoday, during which it unveiled the most recent achievements from its ongoing research into fast charge technology and the development of its Flash Charge technologysolution.


Chief Scientist of OPPO VOOC Flash Charge “Whether people choose wireless or wired charging, VOOC Flash Charge technology is now capable of meeting a wide range of needs when it comes to charging electronic devices, even in the most extreme circumstances.”

Safe charging: new upgrades and innovations create a safer charging experience
OPPO has introduced a five-fold safety protection system to improve safety in VOOC Flash Charge technology, and has been exploring how new materials, AI algorithms, charging architectures and other factors can be used to deliver further innovations like Fusewith lower impendence,Gallium Nitride (GaN) Switches,Internal series bi-cell design,Battery Safety Detection Chip and Composite Current Collector.

Smart charging: optimizing speed and battery life for the perfect balance
Designed to keep the charging speed within the safest possible range, the technology adjusts the charging current based on intelligent detection of different charging scenarios. The smart charging technology is able to deliver noticeable improvements to multiple aspects of the battery’s performance, includinglonger battery life,improved charging speed in specific scenarios andbalancing charging speed and phone temperature.

Extreme charging: even in the coldest environments, Flash Charge doesn’t give up
In addition to making VOOC Flash Charge as safe and smart as possible, OPPO has also been exploring ways to optimize fast charge technology under more extreme situations. Test results show that the battery is capable of increasing in temperature from -20℃ to 10℃ in just tens of seconds, allowing the battery to be charged as normal.

In 2021, OPPO launched its new project - The Flash Initiative – bringing its proprietary VOOC technology to automobiles, public spaces, and chips inside a wide variety of devices. In the era of the Internet of Experience, OPPO’s Flash Charge technology is evolving to bring users a new generation charging experience designed to excel in any situation, allowing people to charge any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Oppo I suppose is loosing its market in Pakistan due to its same old designed phones with low specs and very highly priced as compared to others in the market. Still here they say that it will give fast charging as per specific scenarios? What is that suppose to mean? Fast charging means the phone should charge faster despite a certain scenario...

  • Hamza , Karachi
  • Wed 28 Jul, 2021