Whatsapp is all set to launch Urdu Version in Pakistan

Good news for the Desi Whatsapp users! Whatsapp for Android brings you a complete Urdu version in Pakistan. Whatsapp is categorized as world’s popular instant messaging app has now added Urdu to the list.

Urdu will be the 18th language officially translated for a Whatsapp Version. The task is being undertaken by Ahsan Saeed along with his team of volunteers. Ahsan works as a Translation Administrator for Whatsapp and he has successfully translated 753 strings and moderated 2089 strings in less than 3 months.

Meeting up the pace, the Government of Pakistan has also announced its plans to translate all official government websites into Urdu in order to promote the national language. With this initiative now, a large percentage of 3G/4G mobile internet users will be able to benefit from in terms of connecting people facing the language barrier when it comes to communicating via Whatsapp Messenger.

Forget typing in English to impress your friends, as now you can Whatsapp your friends and family in your national language with ease!

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Reviews & Comments


sumon , dhaka Sat 01 Aug, 2015

best thing seen after a long time from GOVT

furqan , Lahore Thu 30 Jul, 2015

آپ بھی یہ سارا کچھ اردو میں لکھ دیتے
--- اردو کا پرچار انگریزی میں --

واجد , اسلام آباد Wed 29 Jul, 2015