Which Version of Android you’re running? Find out here

If we ask any Android user to tell which Android version is currently running on their smart phone, we are affirmative that most of them are unable to tell. It is important to know about the operating system version of your phone as it is essential for regular Android updates, compatibility, and other software related functions. Whether you’ve updated recently, or haven’t in awhile it’s fortunately easy to check.

This information is always available to the user, no matter which version of Android you are using, but the steps will differ slightly. You don’t require the assistance of a developer in this regard. Let’s discover the steps to check your current version number:

Access Your Settings

There are more than a few ways to get to your phone settings. This function is built-in feature in every phone. It’s easy to find the settings option, find it in your recent apps, or even swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the little gear icon in the corner.

Scroll Down

Now scroll down at the bottom of your settings option. You will find “About phone” tab or button. When you find it then simply tap it.

Discover the Version Number

Usually all the Android smart phones have all the information about your phone including the Android version number. Every phone has a different set up, so don’t be afraid to scroll through the menu until you see it.


On this current phone, Android Lollipop 5.1 is running and if you tap it enough, it launches a new screen with the Android Lollipop logo.


If you’re on Lollipop version as well, you can press and hold the Lollipop OS on screen to start a short mini game that you’ve probably seen dozens of times at this point after flappy bird. It’s at least still fun for a few minutes, so give it a shot if you want! When you’re done, go back to the about phone menu.


Checking what version of Android you’re running is not a time taking process, and you can even update your Android version from the same menu if you get a pop up message from Android. The number updates exactly when your Android does, so go back to this menu anytime you’re wondering what version you’re running now.

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