Why the VOOC Flash Charge is your perfect Load-shedding partner

Load shedding is one such problem that puts a halt to your life. The worst part is that there is not much you can do about it except to prepare for when the light goes out. Now unless you have spent thousands of rupees on installing a generator, you will be stuck in dark, with no clue as to what you should do. This crucial time full of boredom needs to be spent with patience and unless you don’t have your phone, the hour just drags on.

OPPO has always adhered to the core needs of users to innovate, and continuously craft better phones that are designed to bring excitement and convenience into users’ lives. After having led the industry through so many firsts across genres, with the F9, OPPO is taking a step forward in the smartphone industry to re-introduce the VOOC Flash Charger.

This fast charging technology was first introduced in the F1 plus, the F3 plus and now finally, OPPO is back with it in the F9! We are SUPER excited becausethe 3,500 mAhbattery charges for 5 minutes to give a talk-time of 2 hours. This means that if you forgot to charge your phone before the light goes out, you only need to keep it plugged for 5 minutes for it to last the whole hour and only30 minutes’ to make sure you have enough power for another daytime’s usage! WOW!

You would think that such a fast charger would come at some cost to safety, but it doesn’t! To guarantee the safe operation of the VOOC Flash Charge, OPPO introduced a 5-level safety mechanism that covers all aspects of the charging process from outlet to phone (from the adapter to the port and the internal parts).That’s another reason we feel like this phone has been built especially for us Pakistanis!

VOOC flash charge brings down temperatures while topping up the phone’s battery the fastest. So, whether you plan to play a 3D game, download your favorite music files or watch the latest movie on your little gadget, the phone charges at the speed promised – which is in a flash!

The immaculate safety of this VOOC charging technology that has been trusted by 90 Million users around the world has been crafted to give you a worry-free experience, even in the difficult hour of loadshedding. Amazing right?

So the next time the electricity betrays you, you do not have to worry! You just don’t want your phone to leave you at this crucial time. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to get your hands on the new OPPO F9 which is priced at 44,999 Rs for the 6GB RAM version, and 39,999 Rs for the 4 GB Ram version.

In short, with its 3500 mAh battery and quick charging feature, this phone promises never to leave your side when all else does!

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