Why Your Next Smartphone Should Be vivo X70 Pro— Hear from Fahad Hanif

vivo being an industry leader and renowned technology brand, believes in showcasing with actions why they truly say X70 Pro is a game-changer, so they recently partnered with the ace photographer Fahad Hanif, one of the most renowned photographers in Pakistan to share his experience with the smartphone.


The X70 Pro has been creating a buzz in town andI can confirm that it is for all the right reasons. The X70 Pro comes with exceptional camera capabilities and is a dream for professional photographers, as it includessome amazing features to enhance and elevate the mobile photography experience. With its partnership with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics, it is definitely a cherry on the cake.

You know what they say: to put a camera to test, you have to try out different scenarios and situations since in an ideal setting all smartphones perform well. So, I travelled across Islamabad, Rawalpindi and a few other Northern areas to test out the camera capabilities and I must say I was not disappointed.With vivo X70 Pro advanced technology and the in-build Gimbal Technology, you can capture professional-levelphotographs through your smartphone and can say goodbye to your DSLR/professional camera, as well as the hassle of carrying the camera everywhere since you get amazing pictures with a single click.


To be honest, I like to test out a device for at least a period of 2 weeks before I can recommend it and I have been using vivo X70 profor the last 14 days and the experience with the smartphone has been nothing short of incredible. The low light camera is the most intriguing feature, as it can be difficult to take apicture when there isinsufficient lighting, but this feature makes pictures clear and structured even in very dim lighting.


Hands down my top features are the clearance of the camera, Portrait Mode, Cinematic mode and stability of the camera since it tackles shaking from all angles and provides sharpness and clarity in each picture while making videos. The cinematic mode gives a visual immersive experience and feels like you are watching a movie with stunning visuals.As a professional, my tip would be to use the Portrait camera if you want to conduct product photography or want to do closer shots of your subject, since it gives the best results.


1. X70 Pro camera capabilities as it comes with quad-camera setup — 50MP main camera with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0, 12MP 2X Portrait Camera, a 12MP Wide-Angle camera, and an 8MP Periscope Camera— ensuring all pictures turn out fabulous.
2. The design of the smartphone is phenomenal with the all-new Fluorite AG design givingthe smartphone a premium and a luxe feel, making the flagship smartphone stand out from the competitors.

It’s a must have for all photography enthusiasts!


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