Get Well Soon SMS Messages

Get Well Soon SMS

These flowers represent hugs and kisses to tell you how I wish you were here, and not on that sick bed. Get well soon.

Sender:Tooba Majeed Date:14-01-2019
Get Well Soon SMS

Like a flower in gloom, you lie helpless. Arise and bloom and dance like a fresh blade of grass to the drumming of the breeze of life. Arise and bounce back home like a ball. I wish you quick recovery.

Sender:Tanveer Khan Date:11-01-2019
Get Well Soon SMS

No sickness can keep you down with all the prayers I offer for your recovery. Rise up and be strong!

Sender:Asim Khan Date:11-01-2019
Get Well Soon SMS

I hate to see you feeling blue so here is my get well wish to you.

Sender:Rubab Date:11-01-2019
Get Well Soon SMS

Just a word to remind you the God is always near,
holding you close,
With prayers for your recovery.

Sender:Jawad Khan Date:07-01-2019
Get Well Soon SMS

Hope you are up & Splashing Soon.
Get Well Soon!
Hope you
Get Back in the swing of things real soon.
mmm all best wishes for you :)

Sender:Zahid Date:09-10-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Be the sky above you,
Blue soft be the road below you,
Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
“Get Well Soon”

Sender:Shahid Date:11-05-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

When you feel that

God is Rubbing U against Rocks

Do not lose Hope

The Truth is that

He Is Polishing a Diamond

Stay Precious!

God bless u always n get well soon.

Sender:Ishi Date:27-04-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Why u ch0ose this particular time to get sick,
Seems to us an insensitive choice.
So don't be so selfish; don't be a sloth;
Come back so we all can rejuice!
We Miss You!and pray for you to get well soon

Sender:Baseer Date:15-04-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Get Ur sorry behind of that bed.
Try positive thinking 2 get back to work.
Your illness is all in Ur head!
At least that’s what we hope.
@@@Get Well [email protected]@@

Sender:Umer Date:25-03-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

U can get
New Job
New Car
New girlfriend
But u can’t get any thing
Without “good health”
As the saying is
“Health is Wealth”
So hope u will
“Get well soon”

Sender:Umer Date:17-03-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

May the little flower,
Laying in gloom,
Rise and bloom,
Swaying endlessly,
This way and that way,
Morn to dusk everyday, Get Well Soon!

Sender:Umer Date:12-03-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

I hope you are feeling better.
Because I miss you every day.
I am always thinking of you.
So this is what I say -
Get Well Soon!

Sender:Mohammad Ali Date:18-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Why you chose this particular time to get sick, seems to us an insensitive choice.
So don't be so selfish, don't be a sloth come back so we all can rejoice.
Get Well Soon!

Sender:Nimra Date:17-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

As rain covers the sun.
Truth covers the lies.
Angels cover the evil.
Flowers cover the garden.
I wish and pray
that happiness covers all the
worries of your life.
Get well soon dea

Sender:Amjad Khan Date:16-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Just close ur eyes &
feel the bluish white rays of healing coming from god
pretend that u r become better & better
every moment,get well soon dear

Sender:Neha Date:12-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

This messages, has health-giving powers
And I’ve made it, just for you
I certainly feel much better
And I hope that you do, too..
Get Well Soon

Sender:baber Date:11-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

)i( Fresh
( ) Flowers
for u

for a Special person get well soon

Sender:Nomi Ansari Date:02-02-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

I cannot wait to see you coming through our door again after a day of great hard work, full of smiles and joy, to give me warmth that you have in abundance. Please get well soon dear.

Sender:Kinza Date:29-01-2015
Get Well Soon SMS

Wherever you are, just look at the shining sun as see it saying get well our boss.

Sender:Shan Date:27-01-2015

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