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Good Day SMS Web2SMS Templates

Good Day SMS

My heart is asking me to wish you a nice day
filled with fun and spirit!!!

Sender:Fareeda SMS to Friend Date:24-01-2019
Good Day SMS

The sun rises in the east carrying my wish to you to have a nice day! Have a nice day!

Many obstacles may come on our way, no matter whatever it is just go along and face it.

I may not wish you to have good wealth or great fortune, I just wish you to have a nice day!

Sender:Sana SMS to Friend Date:19-01-2019
Good Day SMS

Confidence comes naturally with success but success comes only to those who are confident so begin ur day with great confidence have a good day.

Sender:Hassan Khan SMS to Friend Date:14-01-2019
Good Day SMS

Dream it.
ßelieve it.
Achieve it.
Make it a good day!

Sender:Huma SMS to Friend Date:11-01-2019
Good Day SMS

Aasman ki bulndiyo par naam ho aapka,
Chand ki darti par mukam ho aapka,
Hum to rahte hai choti si duniya me,
Par kuda kare sara jhan ho aapka.

Subha bakhair.

Sender:Mehfooz ur rehman SMS to Friend Date:27-10-2018
Good Day SMS

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness. Good Day!

Sender:Gulab SMS to Friend Date:09-04-2018
Good Day SMS

As the morning sun rises
I am here to wish you energy
and success all day.
Have a good day!

Sender:kinza SMS to Friend Date:05-04-2018
Good Day SMS

Have a nice day my sweet!!.
I am always happy to wish you a nice day!!!

Sender:zoha SMS to Friend Date:03-04-2018
Good Day SMS

Let wind blow away your sadness
Let rain wash away your worries
Let sun bring you warmth
Let D new day bring you hope & happiness and Let my SMS make you SMILE…
Nice Day…

Sender:Hajira SMS to Friend Date:27-03-2018
Good Day SMS

Jb Hume Safalta Milti H
Tab Duniya Me Humari Pehchan Banti H
Jab Hume Vifalta Milti He,Tb Hume Duniya Walo Ki Sahi Pehchan Milti H,
Nice day

Sender:zoha SMS to Friend Date:21-03-2018
Good Day SMS

Let this day be filled with success in all the ventures you make today.
Have a happy and nice day!

Sender:palvasha SMS to Friend Date:05-03-2018
Good Day SMS

Smile: value to our face
Love: value for our heart
Respect: value to our behaviour
Study: value to our future
Friend: value to our life
Have a good day.

Sender:samar SMS to Friend Date:26-02-2018
Good Day SMS

The best cosmetics in life:
Truth for lips;
Pity for eyes;
Charity for hands;
Smile for face;
And Love for heart.
Use them every day to make life Beautiful.
Good day!

Sender:danish SMS to Friend Date:23-02-2018
Good Day SMS

This message is to remind you that you are pretty
You are intelligent and you are so awesome
Start your day with a smile on your face
Coz you have that loving grace
Wish you a good day
Have an amazing day!

Sender:naima SMS to Friend Date:21-02-2018
Good Day SMS

As I was thinking about you,
I thought that I must wish you,
A great day ahead,
So, that you stay prepared,
With the power of love,
Have a good day!

Sender:ulfat SMS to Friend Date:12-02-2018
Good Day SMS

Hv U ever watched sunlight passing through raindrops?
It's just like my sweet msgs passing thru ur cell,
making it colorful like a RAINBOW. Hv Good Day!

Sender:palvasha SMS to Friend Date:07-02-2018
Good Day SMS

Have a nice day my sweet!!.
I am always happy to wish you a good day!!!

Sender:nimra SMS to Friend Date:29-01-2018
Good Day SMS

Help a needy, touch a loved one, smile at stranger, Care for the elderly, and Listen to a lovelorn, appreciate your junior, Pay an honest compliment. This shall ensure a good day.

Sender:ibrahim SMS to Friend Date:23-01-2018
Good Day SMS

The sun rises in the east carrying my wish to you to have a nice day! Have a nice day!

Sender:amina SMS to Friend Date:16-01-2018
Good Day SMS

Zindagi tab behtar hote hai.

Jab ap khush hote hai


Zindagi tab behtareen hoti hai

Jab apki waja se koi dorsa khush hota hai

Have a Good Day

Sender:ifrah SMS to Friend Date:12-01-2018