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Good Luck SMS Messages

Good Luck SMS – Wishing best wishes to someone is truly overwhelming. Good Luck SMS is therefore drafted for sending best regards to your friends, companions, and relatives. You can send Good Luck SMS to your sibling or friend has to appear for an exam, a best friend getting married and you are

Find 2016 largest collection of Good Luck SMS messages at submitted by user. Send in your best regards to your loved ones by choosing a suitable message from a list of latest Good Luck SMS text messages of 2016, Good Luck SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu to send mobile SMS to your friend & family members in Pakistan now.

Good Luck SMS

.* Success never depend on the Capability of your Brain and
It always depend on the Greatness of your Thoughts & Hard W0rk.

Sender:yasir Date:09-06-2017
Good Luck SMS

When things go wrong…
when sadness fills ur heart…
when tears flow in ur eyes…always remember 3 things
2—ur parents
3—my sincere prayers…..
God bless u

Sender:ubaid Date:08-05-2017
Good Luck SMS

Good Luck SMS for exam may ur exams be like the pieces of chocolate cake, very easy and satisfying and tasting morvelous. alot of love for a nice person and wish u good luck

Sender:rimsha Date:05-05-2017
Good Luck SMS

Wellwisher is not who meets u daily & talks to u daily
Wellwisher is 1 who may or may not meet u but always think of u & ur Hapiness
Allah bless u.

Sender:tabish Date:03-05-2017
Good Luck SMS

There are no mistakes,
No coincidences
All events are blessings given to us to learn
A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step
Good Luck

Sender:umer Date:29-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

To Be Best

'Forget Ur Own Happiness by Trying To Create A Little Happiness To Others ..Remember,When U Are Good To Others,U Are best to Ur Self..!'

Sender:yasir Date:25-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

If people Criticise You,
Hurt You,
Shout at You.

Just remember one thing,

“In Every Game, Audience makes the noise, Not the PLAYERS”.


Sender:sadaf Date:17-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

Start the work in the Name of Allah,

Do the work with the Help of Allah,

And Finish the work Thanks to Allah,

Bcoz He Decides, Gives and
Makes Everything Possible..!

Sender:Zahir Date:12-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

Khuda tujhe urooj aisa naseeb kare,
kay rashk tere naseeb per falak kare,
har more per frishtay hon sath tere,
har ghum per hifazat tairi khuda kare…
best wishes forever & good luck

Sender:yumna Date:10-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

Do not give up,
Do not feel disheartened,
You can do it and you will do it.
Good Luck!

Sender:yasir Date:07-04-2017
Good Luck SMS

Har kamyabi pe apka nam hoga,

Apke har kadam pe duniya ka salam hoga,

Mushkilo ka samna himmat se karna,

Dua hai ek din waqt bhi apka gulam hoga

Sender:moiz Date:27-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

33 mrks ki kimat tum kya jano lecturer babu.
Board ka ashirwad hota ha 33 mrks.
Student k sar ka taj hota ha 33 mrks.
Failure ka khawab hota ha 33 mrks!

Sender:qirat Date:24-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Care for the one who shares with u,
Share with the one who knows u,
Know the one who misses u,
Miss the one who well wishes for u,
Wish u all the best

Sender:rana Date:21-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

If you hate any of your teachers for giving you
detention, this is your chance to get back them
by scoring well and earning their admiration.
Good luck for your exams.

Sender:naila Date:15-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Soft Speech clean heart,
peaceful eyes, strengthful hands, focussed mind and determined decision with God"s Love.
Alway Makes you winner. BEST OF LUCK

Sender:isma Date:13-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Things can be tough,
Times can be rough.
But if you work hard enough,
You will eventually achieve triumph!.
Good Luck my friend! Good luck!

Sender:tahir Date:10-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Dont Fear For Facing Failure
In The First Attempt
Bcoz Even Successful Maths
Also Starts With Zero Only.
Best of luck!

Sender:kamran Date:08-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

There are no mistakes, no coincidences
All events are blessings given to us to learn
A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step
Good Luck

Sender:naveed Date:06-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Success is never permanent.
Failure is never final.
so always do not stop effort
until your victory makes a history.
Good luck

Sender:yusrah Date:03-03-2017
Good Luck SMS

Khule jo lab to DUA de tum ko
Har roz nai zindagi khuda de tum ko

Agr aik khushi ki arzoo karo tum
Khuda khushion ka jahan de tum ko

Sender:hina Date:28-02-2017