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Haier Mobile Phones

Showing 24 products of Haier in Pakistan, by Last Updated on Thursday, April 26 2018. Haier Mobile Prices in Pakistan - A Chinese technology giant Haier, is renowned for manufacturing various products including mobile phones. Haier mobiles are known for innovation, elegance, and performance. Haier .. Read more
Haier P867 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier T757  Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier Y716 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier W919 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier W860  Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier W910 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier W716 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier W718 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier i70 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier Esteem L50 Price in Pakistan
Esteem L50
Price Not Available
Haier Pursuit G20 Price in Pakistan
Pursuit G20
Price Not Available
Haier Pursuit G30 Price in Pakistan
Pursuit G30
Price Not Available
Haier J10 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier M106 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier M107 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier M108 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier M102 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier M105 Price in Pakistan
Price Not Available
Haier Neon T20 Price in Pakistan
Neon T20
Price Not Available
Haier Esteem i80 Price in Pakistan
Esteem i80
Price Not Available
Haier Pursuit G10 Price in Pakistan
Pursuit G10
Price Not Available
Haier Esteem i50 Price in Pakistan
Esteem i50
Price Not Available
Haier Esteem i40 Price in Pakistan
Esteem i40
Price Not Available
Haier Klassic P100 Price in Pakistan
Klassic P100
Price Not Available

Latest Reviews on Haier Mobile Phones

Haier Esteem L50

I need haier LCD if any one have so call me 03129856645

Mehar Umar , Karachi Wed 04 Apr, 2018
Haier Esteem L50

If anyone have haier L50 lcd panal cal me. 03006857151
I want?

Haji qurban , qurban bahawalpur Tue 27 Mar, 2018
Haier Esteem L50

If anyone have haier l50 LCD panel
Contact me 0300-7690059

Nabeel , Faisalabad Wed 21 Feb, 2018

Haier Mobiles

Haier Mobile Prices in Pakistan - A Chinese technology giant Haier, is renowned for manufacturing various products including mobile phones. Haier mobiles are known for innovation, elegance, and performance. Haier Mobile devices are known to be slim, stylish, light weight, tech savvy, and handy to use. Haier smartphones are equipped with almost all the trendy and latest features that have become the need for modern world. Haier smart phones have made a prominent place in the Pakistani mobile market with an aim to assist the customers.

Some of the latest Haier mobiles include Haier Esteem V4, Haier Esteem i90, Haier Esteem i80, Haier Esteem i40, Haier Esteem i50, Haier Pursuit G10, Haier Neon T20 to name a few. These devices are known for impressive display, decent camera specs, and high performing processors. Haier Mobile phone users are increasing on regular basis all over Pakistan. The main reason behind this ever increasing rate of users is affordable Haier Mobiles prices in Pakistan. Some of the prominent Haier mobiles series are Esteem Series, Pursuit Series, and Klassic Series. Haier Mobiles launches various devices of each series. HamariWeb offers variety of mobile phones, and smart phones from Haier along with their features, specifications, and price information.

Haier Mobiles - A Chinese Conglomerate, Haier is renowned for eligible home appliances and mobile phones. The segment of mobiles is still in the development phase. After their successful house hold appliances products now Haier came up with Haier Mobiles which are pretty slim, stylish and lighter mobile phones equipped with almost all the trendy features that has become today’s world need. Haier is a brand known for innovation and advancement in its product solutions and management model.

Taking advantage of the reputed brand name, Haier Mobiles has launched few feature and smartphones to compete in this category. Haier Mobile Phones are revolving in the Pakistani marketplace with a guarantee to assist its clients in their routine. Haier Mobiles has been roaring with the launch of three mobile phone series namely, Esteem, Pursuit, and Klassic. Haier Esteem Series comprise of midrange smart phones with elegant features, specs and reasonable pricing. Some of the renowned devices are Esteem V4, Esteem i40, Esteem i50, Esteem L50 to name a few. Haier Pursuit Series are low end smart phones with low price tags, such as Pursuit G10, Pursuit G20, and Pursuit G30. Talking about the Klassic Series of Haier Mobiles, it is a low end feature phone bar phone category that caters simple devices with standard features that average users strive for. Some of the devices of Klassic Series are Klassic M107, Klassic M108, Klassic M106, Klassic M 105 to name a few. You can pick and choose your suitable Haier Mobile device according to your preferences and budget.

The key to Haier’s long-term sustainability is innovation. They have been dedicated to cater the needs of its users by offering wide range of mobile phones. Stay in touch with HamariWeb to get the latest information about Haier Mobile phone launch dates, prices, and availability in Pakistan. Make this your ultimate destination to get information about all Haier Mobile.

Last Updated: 26 Apr, 2018

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