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Check HTC Desire 10 Pro reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the HTC Desire 10 Pro features and specifications. The HTC Desire 10 Pro review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through HTC Desire 10 Pro video review.

HTC Desire 10 Pro

Price: Rs. 44,800

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3000 mAh
20 MP
64 GB 4 GB RAM

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HTC Desire 10 Pro User Reviews & Feedback

I have htc desired 10 pro this mobile will be hang
By: Umar, Gujrat on Jul, 28 2019
Design is very cool awesome phone great look its a premium feel phone and all specs is good
By: Hameed, Lahore on Mar, 18 2019
This cell phone has quality features in this price such as 4GB ram which is very sufficient and amazing battery timing as well as splendid camera quality.
By: Shahbaz, Narowal on Nov, 04 2018
The good device of HTC desire 10 pro that has the bets battery standby that gives the long life performance which everyone need that
By: zainab, karachi on Jan, 06 2018
The good device of HTC desire 10 pro that has the bets battery standby that gives the long life performance which everyone need that
By: yusra, islamabad on Jan, 06 2018
I am the big fan of this online site that gives me the authentic information about the every device what to know that easily without get any trouble
By: neelam, islamabad on Sep, 12 2017
Enjoy the brilliant functions available in this smartphone because tis [phone has the amazing pixels of camera and the best functions of android
By: Alam, Karachi on Aug, 07 2017
Sooo NYC mobile
By: Razi , Multan on Aug, 06 2017
This is the great device of htc brand who has the many different apps what you expected in your best mobile phone so now what you are wetting for
By: asma, islamabad on Aug, 01 2017
Camera result is so awesome of this smartphone and I just want to install some external applications in it just to see the other apps running speed in it
By: Absar, Karachi on Jul, 26 2017
It’s looking same mine expectations mobile who has the everything perfect and no dough this is the best mobile ever htc desire 10 pro
By: unsa, lahore on Jul, 05 2017
Once again this company has did its best work to give one of its best device in this year. Now this company is officially introduced in Pakistani phone market.
By: asfar, layyah on Apr, 19 2017
The HTC Desire 10 Pro offers a good design and camera performance but misses out on some key features, which makes it a bit expensive
By: tahir, cairo on Mar, 09 2017
I had never use htc mobile but my friend told me about htc mobile he said to me that it is the best mobile in htc company.
By: saria, dubai on Feb, 08 2017
HTC DESIRE 10 PRO is surely one of the best phones one can ask for. I am pretty sure that the phone comes with all the amazing features and specs! I am interested in knowing the price of Desire 10 Pro
By: Beena Khan, Karachi on Feb, 02 2017
The product specs and price of HTC Desire 10 Pro posted on this page are information enough to buy this phone. I was looking for a decent device of this sort and I am glad to locate it here. Thanks for sharing the information here.
By: Khalid, Karachi on Jan, 31 2017
HTC desire 10 pro abi tak Pakistan me q ni aiya
By: haq nawaz, Lahore Pakistan on Jan, 25 2017
once again this company has did its best work to give one of its best device in this year.this is mind blowing device.
By: amina, abbah on Jan, 23 2017
HTC desire 10 pro is an amazing smartphone I ever seen and I am feeling really to buy this smartphone form Hamari web
By: Irshad, Karachi on Dec, 05 2016
I’m feeling very hopeful with their specs of this smartphone because it can be digested and they give me in this reasonable prices clearly said so this is in my range also
By: Ebad, Karachi on Nov, 24 2016
These are the smartphones which is not easy available in the Market so go with this this page who give you the best range of smartphones
By: wania, shadiwaal on Nov, 11 2016
This htc desire 10 pro is looking very good and its metal is also protect its inner body from the damaged which I really like it
By: rizwana, karachi on Nov, 07 2016
The htc desire 10 pro has good amount of specs and I also hope that it will be mine best smartphone because I am using it from long time and it didn’t give me any problem
By: sania, lahore on Nov, 06 2016
HTC has no much stock in Markets and I just believe from android on HTC and for this purpose I am using this page which is really helpful for me
By: maria, sahiwaal on Oct, 29 2016
I bought used HTC Desire 10 Pro device in black color, its my first HTC phone that is why I wonder to use the touch of this device but it is also an expensive phone.
By: jaleel, khi on Oct, 28 2016
HTC brings you an amazing Dual SIM integrated Desire 10 Pro. There is a 3 GB RAM with built in internal memory options of 32 and 64 GBs that can enable the users to enjoy downloading various apps, saving more pictures, messages etc.
By: rabia, rawalpindi on Oct, 18 2016
Hello HTC I have a problem with my M9+ when I try to open the flash light I receive the massage also the phone does not recognize the main camera. What should I do please urgent.
By: najaf, sargoda on Oct, 09 2016
The HTC smartphones is a long time partner of yours so if you didn’t used HTC brand in your life you didn’t get the real experience of android
By: Fahad, Karachi on Oct, 03 2016
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