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I am not sure that huawei fit watch will be available in Pakistan because I was purchased when I was in Dubai, there is a battery issue in this device.
By: zaheer, khi on Aug, 25 2019
This is looking the pretty good smart phone that has the good functions and also available in the reasonable price that mention here
By: FRUQAN, multan on May, 05 2019
This Huawei fit has the amazing speed and the beautiful display that with the good resolution that make this device so easy to use
By: falak, multan on Apr, 29 2019
Without any complaint this is the best smart watch which can spend the whole life with you even it has the smart features like an smart phone
By: ramsha, karachi on Apr, 27 2019
Huawei fit this smartphone is really good which has the amazing application with the faster operating speed which can support every application very well
By: azra, karachi on Apr, 08 2019
The Huawei fit is the faster speed smart phone that gives the great performance every time without get any hanging or other troubles
By: GOHR, islamabad on Jan, 23 2019
Attractive simple band watch i like huawei watches beautiful good watch very comfortable
By: Zafar Iqbal, Karachi on Jan, 16 2019
This watch is no more in the market. My brother used this watch for more than three years and its performance was just average.
By: Arsalan, hyderabad on Oct, 12 2018
I really find irrelevant to buy these types of watches because these watches aren’t reliable neither durable. If one has to buy this type of watch then he/she must surely go for IPHONE watch.
By: Taimoor, karachi on Oct, 04 2018
The trend of wearing Smart watches is getting common with every passing day and Huawei Fit is one good watch to consider.
By: Haris, Lahore on Sep, 20 2018
A very good initiative by Huawei to overcome the traditional norms of wearing watches which is just good for telling time. In these watches one can have many other options as well.
By: Mehmood, sukkhur on Aug, 03 2018
HUAWEI FIT is one of the most stylish gadget Huawei has produced. I must suggest people to shift from normal to these types of watch as these watch not only provide time but also gives other features.
By: Ghufran, islamabad on Jul, 23 2018
This Huawei fit is the nice watch of this reliable Huawei brand that give us the best warranty and the many reliable qualities with the beautiful wearing
By: anam, lahore on Apr, 21 2018
Huawei Fit look at the new stylish wears of the Huawei where you can easily find out your favorite color for wearing it with the best look
By: Jameel, Karachi on Apr, 16 2018
Huawei good specs with the better look and the amazing affordable price what everyone can easily buy from anywhere
By: Danish, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
This Huawei fit mobile phone is the amazing smart phone who is able to works
faster every time without get any trouble as we need to use that
By: Usama, Lahore on Apr, 09 2018
Huawei Fit the best features of this watch makes me able to get the amazing experience of the best style with the great grip of it here
By: Aslam, Karachi on Mar, 31 2018
Looking so nice smart phone of Huawei fit with the amazing display and the good screen pixels that never get blasting and also helps to get shot the every photo beautifully
By: azra, lahore on Mar, 30 2018
Huawei fit the smartphone which ash the perfect camera pixels in the beauty result what you would like to capture in it and the faster operating system
By: hafsa, islamabad on Mar, 13 2018
ummmm… ..To be clear, I have no idea about this Phone as I have never used this
yet working out as proposed to looking specs, I am in each gainful sense without
question that it will be the best to use.
By: Omaha, Juba on Mar, 11 2018
Huawei Fit the good smartphone which has the amazing functions with some good speed of the RAM I would love to use on the social network
By: Alra,, lahore on Mar, 03 2018
I was perceiving to give an astonishment to my more youthful sister by gifting her
another cell phone and I came to infer that Huawei Fit is best for her. Presently I will
purchase this cell phone for my sweet sister.
By: Naheed, Hydrabad on Mar, 01 2018
I really like its data space because I use that for many things like save many data and games and mine favorite movies because I really like to see the new movies
By: meesha, Karachi on Feb, 26 2018
Huawei Fit the good gears for wearing and has the really good look which is you exactly need to have in the hand of your after bought it
By: Saleem, karachi on Feb, 21 2018
Huawei Fit the best gears for wearing and looks great by the help of the Huawei Gears which has many colors and many other designs
By: Saleem, karachi on Feb, 20 2018
The Huawei fit is looking so beautiful smart device and the long life warranty also available there with the long life warranty
By: hania, karachi on Feb, 19 2018
Huawei Fit the best watches with the ultimate design of the guaranteed quality band which will never sow you any problem by the color
By: Daniya, karachi on Feb, 15 2018
I have always been a true fan of Huawei because it gives me the best ever mobile phone
system that no other mobile phone is providing just like this outclass Huawei Fit mobile
By: Hamna, Gujrat on Feb, 15 2018
Huawei this watch looks similar to Samsung initial Gear smartwatch, however, Samsung is more advanced in terms of technology but still I believe Huawei copying them?
By: Shahmir, Wah Cantt on Jan, 29 2018
Its camera result is extremely stunning for taking the photographs in each time like
day or night since its front and back camera likewise work extraordinary.
By: Laila, Attock on Jan, 28 2018
Its camera result is extremely stunning for taking the photographs in each time like
day or night since its front and back camera likewise work extraordinary.
By: Laila, Attock on Jan, 28 2018
Every time I taking the photos of the different things because I really like photography and its camera results is very nice so I taking the photos by it
By: hasham, islamabad on Jan, 24 2018
Huawei fit is the good smartphone which has the faster speed of the RAM and the amazing price we can easily afford for the heavy supporting apps
By: Arham, Attock on Jan, 19 2018
Huawei the best features with the amazing look and have the coolest design which has no comparison with any other watch I love to wear it
By: Ahmed, Ka on Jan, 17 2018
Huawei Fit is the great collection in the Huawei Series which looks awesome and has the good colors with many of the users choices
By: Amamr, Karachi on Jan, 10 2018
ahm… this is the cell phone display which my senior sibling talented to his better half on their second wedding commemoration only a months prior… . Well I am so staggered to peruse its highlights here.
By: hina, gujrat on Nov, 22 2017
These watches looking truly awesome in this photo and the black colors looking truly awesome of there that has the many reliabilities as I need
By: eeman, Karachi on Nov, 14 2017
The nice watch that could looking so cool in mine hand and the color is mine favorite too of their which I must buy that soon from the market
By: uzma, islamabad on Sep, 12 2017
HUAWEI FIT is a light weight fitness watch with heart rate monitor, training effect analysis and features 5ATM water resistant 
By: haider, sialkot on Mar, 09 2017
the phone also features built in manual mode and huawei 8 4gb new editing functions that provides the users with the best of editor on the go.
By: mailka, rawalpindi on Feb, 08 2017

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