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This is the amazing device of Huawei g10 which has the good software and the able to save many data in it without use any SD card
By: tehmeena, multan on May, 05 2019
Buy the simple and good looking smartphone by the Huawei g10 which has the ultimate applications with the amazing performance you never expect
By: HIBA, lahore on May, 05 2019
The Huawei g10 is the nice smart phone who gives us the many facilities that helps to get use this device with the long life warranty
By: tehmeenat, lahore on Apr, 29 2019
This Huawei g10 has the best resolution and the battery standby is the bets in it that gives the long time standby without get any trouble
By: BANO, lahore on Apr, 22 2019
Looking so classy smart phone of Huawei g10 that is able to give the good performance whole day long with the good battery standby
By: aysha, peshawar on Apr, 18 2019
I have the smartphone Huawei g10 which has the great experience of the online applications with the brilliant performance of the apps we just need
By: gohr, karachi on Apr, 08 2019
Without get any trouble now we easily get use this device of Huawei g10 who give us the amazing performance without get any trouble
By: alishba, lahore on Apr, 03 2019
Without get face any trouble we easily get use this device of Huawei g10 with the great battery timing and the faster performance of their
By: azra, islamabad on Feb, 09 2019
This is available in the market within reasonable price. A very good processor with very fast speed.
Internal storage is exemplary and finger print sensor is very efficient.
By: Rameen, Depok on Feb, 01 2019
I am using the Huawei g10 which is the latest smartphone form the Huawei and it gives me the amazing performance and the good camera result I need
By: yusra, islamabad on Jan, 26 2019
Huawei g10 this smartphone has the really cheap price which can give the amazing
application performance and has the really good battery life
By: Wajeeh, Karachi on Jan, 23 2019
Beautiful smart phone nice battery life good camera screen is good nice back design
By: Akhter, Rawalpindi on Jan, 16 2019
The Huawei g10 is the beautiful screen with the good resolution and the beautiful smart display and the good features
By: zareen, panjab on Dec, 23 2018
I have the Huawei g10 and this is the cheap smartphone if you are looking at their features because it has too many functions we never seen before
By: aleema, islamabad on Dec, 18 2018
The Huawei G10 has a really large 6 inch display, which is very vibrant. I just feel that 1080p is really less for such a big device
By: Talha, Lahore on Oct, 01 2018
For people like me storage and battery timing in a cellphone matters a lot. I am glad to buy Huawei G10 as it had good battery timing for me to watch movies and storage it in my cellphone.
By: Taimoor, Karachi on Aug, 09 2018
Looking so good device of Huawei g10 that has the malty touch display and the amazing pence operating system for using device with the faster speed
By: fariha, Karachi on May, 19 2018
Huawei G10 is the best smartphone which has the longest battery life that I can easily make the long lasting calls via internet with my relatives abroad very easily
By: Shan, Karachi on May, 17 2018
Huawei G10 this is the good smartphone of all time I am using it and it makes me able to perform the great task which is I need to use
By: eeman, Karachi on Apr, 19 2018
This is the reliable smart phone of the best Huawei brand that allow us to get use this device with the long time warranty and the good performance
By: sonia, Karachi on Apr, 12 2018
The many good reliable abilities available/e in this smart phone of Huawei g10 who give us the best battery standby who we easily use that whole day long
By: rafia, islamabad on Apr, 11 2018
All I want I just got in this smartphone which helps me really much and give me the amazing experience of having the great functions we just love
By: Sale, Karachi on Apr, 05 2018
Huawei g 10 carrying 13 mp back mounted camera that also packs many amazing
features that make images more stunning and sharp it has 8mp front camera that
gives us sharp selfies and it is also best option for video calling.
By: Iraj, Lahore on Mar, 14 2018
Huawei g10 wide comes with spread turn chipset which are not that popular but
they do an amazing job in keeping the display vibrant and alive.
By: Pariawa, Wazirabad on Mar, 14 2018
Huawei G10 this smartphone has the brilliant functions and has the amazing price which is we need for the great life experience here
By: Shirjeet, Karachi on Mar, 03 2018
My sister is utilizing Huawei G10 from the most recent three months and it is still in its
best condition, working extremely well and never gets hanged. So hats off to this cell
By: Fariha, Jacobabaad on Feb, 28 2018
This is the very nice mobile to everyone and also has the affordable price of this which everyone can easily buy that of Huawei g10
By: ramsha, lahore on Feb, 26 2018
Huawei G10 the smartphone which has the amazing applications with the really good speed of the RAM what you really want to have in the list
By: Nabeel, Karachi on Feb, 20 2018
Huawei G10 the best smartphone which has the great performance and the good application what I extremely need to add in it
By: Alam, Ka on Jan, 26 2018
It's amazingly a dumbfounding slant to see such a phenomenal mobile phone having this much ecstatic peaks…. We should have this Huawei G10 to benefit as much as possible from its quality and features.
By: sadia, lhr on Jan, 26 2018
What is superior to having a Huawei g 10 lite in your hand while you are voyaging all around the Pakistan and you are making the most of your outflank phone by taking selfies?
By: najia, deena on Jan, 19 2018
This Huawei g10 is looking the beautiful device which has the beautiful color and the good software that is able to give the good performance whole day long
By: zayana, karachi on Jan, 18 2018
Huawei G10 perfect smartphone with the amazing features and has the reliable amazing features we love to have in it this is awesome for me
By: Anwar, Karachi on Jan, 17 2018
Huawei G10 the smartphone with all the features and has the good price what we can easily afford for the better usage of the Data to entire day
By: Samad, Karachi on Jan, 10 2018
The huge ram available in this device that could help you save your many data in it without facing any trouble as you need in your expected device of Huawei g10
By: afeefa, panjab on Nov, 21 2017
Huawei ka ye g10 model pakistan me kab luanched ho ga reply please
By: Sardar Sohail, Abbottabad on Sep, 29 2017

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Huawei G10 Reviews

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