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Wanna sale Honor 9 lite
Specifications: 3/32gb, Original charger, 10/10 condition
Location: Multan, Muzaffar garh
Final price: 15000
WhatsApp: 03056895616
By: Haris ilyas, Multan, Muzaffar garh on Jun, 26 2020
I don’t know why people buy I phone even in this mobile has all features which is in I phone.
By: zohaib, hydrabad on May, 20 2019
It has the best mobile for me that gives me the best signals of good sim protection and never gives the bad signals in honor 9 lite
By: SHOUKAT, lahore on May, 05 2019
This is so good smart phone of Huawei honor 9 lite that available in the reasonable price with the long life warranty and the reliable abilities
By: shahbaz, lahore on Apr, 29 2019
IF you looking at the shape of the new smartphone by the apple Huawei so this is looks really pretty here I just prefer you this of Huawei honor 9 lite
By: hafsa, peshawar on Apr, 27 2019
This Huawei honor 9 lite is the useful device that works really good without get any problem that’s why I am using it from a long time
By: MUSATYKA, karachi on Apr, 22 2019
This Huawei honor 9 lite has the good software that allow us to get use this device with the reliable facilities without get any hanging with the long life battery standby
By: haris, lahore on Apr, 17 2019
Honor 9 lite this is very good smartphone because of its long lasting battery life and has very good performance for having the good apps in it
By: RAZA, karachi on Apr, 13 2019
Honor 9 lite I am using this smartphone which has the really good speed of the RAM with all the good solution of the battery life
By: afifa, karachi on Apr, 08 2019
Honor 9 lite best smartphone i am satisfy this price and quality battery is nice and specs is very god
By: Hassan, Karachi on Mar, 04 2019
This Huawei honor 9 lite is so nice smart device who is able to works really nice for
a long time with the long life battery standby
By: Gulshan, s on Jan, 23 2019
I have owned this mobile, up till now i found best in all respects, especially after
updating its operating system and security patch as well....Good enough in the price
By: Wajeeh, Mandi on Jan, 23 2019
I just recently got gifted this Huawei honor 9 lite for my birthday and even though I was expecting phone like Samsung, I was surprised at how well this phone set works. Lite in its name is exactly as how it is. The phone is lighter to carry; it can run a lot of apps too.
By: Shahzad Khan, Lahore on Dec, 10 2018
The good display and the beautiful screen resolution with the lots of bright colors provide in this device of Huawei honor 9 lite that can make this device with the lots of exciting
By: tooba, islamabad on Nov, 30 2018
The 4 GB RAM and the HiSilicon Kirin 659 Chipset is only available in Huawei Honor 9 Lite device, I insist with my hubby to bring this device for me because its perfect especially, the color is all good.
By: ghayas, khi on Nov, 16 2018
Take the best smartphone in very low price with the amazing specs what you definitely afford for getting updates with everything you want
By: afzal, lahore on Nov, 15 2018
Battery lasts 1day even more , just turn on Battery Saver , if you are playing on phone battery will work for 10 hrs (with battery saver) , without battery saver , from 4-6hrs , but phone is amazing , i bought chineese version from BangGood , and its awesome , i changed language to english with google keyboard , but still system is chineese , idk how to change that but nvm , I think you should buy it , for gamers: it runs pubg max graphic , max fps awesome , must buy it
By: ahmar, karachi on Nov, 15 2018
I would easily recommend the Huawei Honor 9 Lite over the Huawei Honor 7A, it maybe a little more expensive but it is worth it
By: Arif, Hyderabad on Oct, 20 2018
I have honor 9 lite baught 10 days ago it is not compatible with telenor 4G, if any one know solution please tell me. 03453123752
By: Asif Ali, Kashmore cantt. on Oct, 13 2018
Although Honor 9 lite is very impressive but couldn’t grab the attention of its prospective buyers. According to me it’s a wonderful gadget.
By: Fatima, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
The Huawei Honor 9 Lite has very good specs but i feel the back is very slippery, and it keeps falling from my hand.
By: Abdul, Islamabad on Oct, 10 2018
Comparing the specs, the Honor 9 Lite feels very close to the Mate 10 Lite. I think the only difference is the screen size
By: Rehman, Islamabad on Oct, 10 2018
Huawei Honor 9 LITE can be a better option within this range because of having sufficient features. Rear mounted finger print technology of this cell phone is very impressive and admirable.
By: Saqib, karachi on Oct, 04 2018
I like these roll outs that Huawei has. It releases a flagship for rich people and a lite version for those who can't afford the flagship
By: Zafar, Hyderabad on Oct, 02 2018
We always had this impression that China manufactured things are never reliable and durable but Huawei has changed this mindset now.
By: Ali, Lahore on Sep, 30 2018
This Huawei honor 9 lite has the exclusive features that give the great performance every time with the lots of bright colors that make this device so attractive
By: hayma, hydrabad on Sep, 27 2018
I bought the 64GB variant of the Huawei Honor 9 Lite and with 4GB of ram, i can run as many applications as i want without lagging
By: Taha, Karachi on Sep, 23 2018
The built, design and RAM of Honor 9 Lite are impressive, though, the battery timings could have been better in a range like this.
By: Fahim, Hyderabad on Sep, 23 2018
The Huawei Honor 9 has a very high pixel density. I love watching movies on this phone while i am travelling intercity
By: Khurram, Sargoda on Sep, 17 2018
I love to watch my favorite songs on Huawei Honor 9 Lite on weekends, since its battery timings are satisfactory, i can watch them without any interruption for long.
By: Aneela, Faisalabad on Sep, 16 2018
The Honor 9 Lite has a very large screen and with an amazing pixel density, great for watching movies and videos.
By: Ali, Lahore on Sep, 12 2018
Unquestionably, its one of the best phones produced by the company, but, i feel its sensors are not as efficient as one would expect.
By: Hina, lahore on Sep, 12 2018
This smart phone of Huawei honor 9 lite is the nice device with the good performance and the nice features that can make this device so nice
By: Owais, islamabad on Sep, 10 2018
Huawei Honor 9 lite has splendid looks as well as amazing features. One flaw
in this cellphone is that it does not have effective finger print sensor which
may result in lack of demand for this cellphone.
By: Lubna, Accrington on Sep, 04 2018
Huawei honor 9 lite is available in many exciting colors and its price is also
very economical. Apart from that its features are very amazing such as very
good battery timing average as well as amazing camera quality.
By: Shahvez, Lahore on Sep, 01 2018
Honor 9 lite is a very stylish and smart phone.... It is a very fantastic phone....
I'm using this smart phone...
By: Kabir NiaZzi , Mianwali on Aug, 30 2018
Huawei honor 9 lite is my dream cellphone. Although I cannot afford this
cellphone, but I must suggest others to go for this one as it is providing very
splendid features such as amazing camera and processor.
By: Shehnila, Accrington on Aug, 27 2018
Huawei Honor 9 Lite is an amazing cellphone if one does not require to install many applications. It is economical and very stylish. Graphics of this cellphone is appreciable.
By: Shakeel, Islamabad on Aug, 25 2018
Looking the perfect smart phone of Huawei honor 9 lite that having the many type of facilities as the everyone like to use that in the expected smart phone
By: kashaf, islamabad on Aug, 24 2018
HUAWEI HONOR 9 is the most stylish and most eye-catching cellphone I have
ever seen with splendid features available. Battery timing is also remarkable
with very high internal storage capacity.
By: Wajeeha, Rawalpindi on Aug, 23 2018

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