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Honor Note 9

The Huawei Honor Note 9 is said to be one of the release phone and is here to give an eye-to-eye competition to Samsung Galaxy Note. It is a beautiful phone which looks premium, but it also won’t put a dent in your wallet. This will be more like a phablet device.


The Huawei Note 9 is made from aluminum giving it sleek and metallic finish. The full metallic finish will make it more durable device, giving it a very premium look. It features a large display screen with bezel-less design. It also has a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone which is easier to reach as it is in the middle of the phone.


The Huawei Honor Note 9 brings you large 6.6 inch Super Amoled display with 1440 x 2560 resolutions. The screen is capacitive and multi-touch touch screen. The display is claimed to be bright, crisp and vibrant, with no saturation colors.


It compromises a dual camera set up with two 12MP with an aperture of f/2.0. The dual camera have dual LED Flash and AF back camera. It has 13 MP front-facing cameras which can captures good selfie portraits. Both the camera feature phase detection autofocus.



The phone is drove by HiSilicon Kirin 965 chipset and 2.4GHz Octa-core Cortex A73 Processor It will use 6GB RAM and 64GB OD internal storage which can be expand with a micro SD card. It comes with Android Nougat 7.1.1. The device is flooded with sensors like fingerprint, iris, proximity, light and gyro. It is IP68 certified making it water and dust proof.


The Huawei Honor Note 9 is powered by a 5000mAhLi-Polymer battery which is built-in. The battery is powerful and should last you a day on full charge, depending on the usage of the phone.



The Huawei Honor Note 9 is for those who want an experience of full size screen. Huawei hasn’t given the date of release so let’s see when they come out. We are looking forward for the release of rumored Huawei Honor Note 9.

Honor Note 9 User Reviews & Feedback

when I bought this mobile then I was not satisfied because everyone says that this mobile is not good but after using this mobile I feel that this mobile is super because its all features are amazing.
By: sabir, karachi on May, 20 2019
If you want use the best device in you affordable price so you must check out this device of honor note 9 that is completely expectable
By: warda, multan on May, 05 2019
This Huawei honor note 9 is looking the beautiful device which has the beautiful color and the good software that is able to give the good performance whole day long
By: sami, multan on May, 05 2019
Huawei honor note 9 the good smartphone with all the great features and has the amazing price this is really awesome to have in the smartphone
By: ZAIN, karachi on May, 05 2019
The Huawei honor note 9 is so good smart phone who is able to give the best performance with the faster speed and the best battery standby
By: haniya, karachi on Apr, 29 2019
This good smart phone is able to give the good performance with the good software and the amazing operating system for using this device easily
By: neelam, karachi on Apr, 18 2019
The Huawei honor note 9 is so good smart phone that has the good speed and the many new things that can make this device so exciting and easy to use
By: sana, lahore on Apr, 17 2019
This is the nice model of honor note 9 brand that has the beautiful front and back camera which we easily use that to capture the every beautiful moment of our life
By: sonia, karachi on Apr, 13 2019
Huawei honor note 9 I am using this smartphone which has the brilliant specs with the great resolution of the LCD and has the heavy processor we just love
By: sobia, lahore on Apr, 08 2019
Honor note 9 I am using this smartphone which has the best functions and the really good battery life for using to the long time we want
By: afifa, lahore on Apr, 08 2019
This is reliable smart phone of Huawei honor note 9 that give us the great camera result without blasting the pixels who we exactly expect that for capturing the every movement beautifully
By: ammara, karachi on Apr, 03 2019
These are looking so nice device of Huawei honor note 9 with the good battery standby and the amazing performance of their
By: fayqa, peshawar on Feb, 09 2019
With the very good camera result I have the best smartphone in the market now I am waiting for the
shipment of this smartphone and it will be love for me
By: Daud, wazirabad on Feb, 01 2019
Huawei honor note 9 the smartphone with the ultimate performance of the applications and has the really good speed of the RAM we would love to have
By: fakhra, multan on Jan, 26 2019
One of my friend who lives in china, has this Huawei phone from the most recent 4
months. When he revealed to me about the structures and possibilities of this cell
phone and it appeared to be so sensible to me.
By: Ghina, Sialkot on Jan, 23 2019
The Huawei honor note 9 is the good quality smart phone who everyone can easily get use that without get any trouble in the reasonable price
By: seema, karachi on Dec, 23 2018
Huawei honor note 9 this smartphone has the very good functions with best features what we really need to have in the list of having smartphone
By: zadar, multan on Dec, 18 2018
This Huawei honor note 9 is the great device with the many amazing abilities and the smart battery timing hat everyone need to use that whole day long
By: hamna, Karachi on Nov, 20 2018
I do appreciate the looks of this cellphone whereas features of this cellphone is also plausible. I really admire Huawei for having these amazing cellphones in their portfolio.
By: Nadeem, Mian wali on Nov, 15 2018
The malty performance processor available in this smart phone of Huawei honor note 9 with completely the great performance
By: arzoo, multan on Nov, 05 2018
The good screen resolution having in this smart phone that provide us the good display for watching the blue ray movies easily without blasting the pixels
By: bisma, multan on Nov, 02 2018
The Huawei honor note 9 is the faster speed smart phone that gives the great performance every time without get any hanging or other troubles
By: kashaf, lahore on Nov, 01 2018
This is such a nice smart phone of Huawei honor note 9 that never get hanging or heat up the body temperature and also gives the good performance every time
By: zara, Karachi on Oct, 31 2018
Display screen of this cell phone is very huge favorable for people who frequently watch movies on cell phone or play games.
By: Amir, karachi on Oct, 13 2018
The design is not really catchy but features, specially the battery support and processor are worth every penny spend on honor Note 9.
By: Irhum, Hyderabad on Oct, 10 2018
I really don’t like the body and looks of this cell phone Huawei Honor Note 9. I will never spend my hard earned money on cell phones like this. Huawei needs to improve their cell phone designs and appearance.
By: Murad, karachi on Oct, 06 2018
I am currently using Honor Note 10 and is pretty satisfied with the phone, though i have no idea how well Note 9 performs or is similar to 10 in any form!
By: Siddiq, Karachi on Sep, 24 2018
The Huawei Honor Note 9 is kinda similar to the Galaxy Note series but it just misses that amazing stylus
By: Ali, Peshawar on Sep, 18 2018
Huawei Honor Note 9 is a set that grabs eyeballs owing to its captivating design and shape. The performance of the model is also up to the mark.
By: Qasim Rasool, Larkana on Sep, 15 2018
The Huawei Honor Note 9 is a very beautifully built phone. The screen is also very beautiful with AMOLED technology the colors are very accurate.
By: Rehman, Peshawar on Sep, 15 2018
The Huawei honor note 9 has the great smart phone that giving us the many reliable abilities as everyone can easily use that with the god battery standby
By: anosha, islamabad on Aug, 29 2018
I can’t wait for Huawei Honor Note 9 to come in secondary. But I don’t think its camera is as same as it is written on this website. If it is true, then it will be a biggest slap to Huawei for making this good for nothing.
By: Zuhair, Narowal on Aug, 26 2018
Huawei Honor Note 9 shape is very outdated. Apart from its shape it is very reliable and durable cellphone with amazing features available. Enough Internal storage is the most important feature in this cellphone.
By: Umar, faisalabad on Aug, 22 2018
I just went through its features when my friend bought this cellphone and apart from everything I was amazed to see its camera quality and would admire Huawei for maintaining such good quality.
By: jahan dost, kashmir on Aug, 19 2018
I have been using Huawei Honor Note 9 since it was launched. A very splendid cellphone with very beautiful display screen. It has storage issue which could restrain one from updating the applications.
By: Jummah, Peshawar on Aug, 11 2018
Huawei Honor note 9 has an amazing camera resolution allowing people to take beautiful shots and fulfil their passion of being a photographer. Apart from that a very beautiful design Note 9 has.
By: Junaid, lahore on Aug, 08 2018
Its battery standby is really good of Huawei honor note 9 that gives the long time performance for a long time without get any hanging or other troubles
By: ramsha, lahore on Jul, 30 2018
I must admire Huawei company for very high-level innovation which could be seen in their cellphones now a day. Honor note 9 provide excellent battery average and well as strong internal battery storage. Finger print at the back of the cellphone is quite compelling.
By: arif, Islamabad on Jul, 27 2018
Huawei Honor note 9 has a very unique look which has been appreciated by its customers. Very pleasant display screen with good battery average time. Processor is very fast and internal storage is sufficient
By: Shayan, Mardan on Jul, 23 2018
Huawei honor note 9 smart phone with all the amazing features and has the amazing operating system what we want for the better usage
By: neha, islamabad on Jul, 17 2018

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