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Huawei Mate 9 Pro

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Dual camera with amazing result of selfie camera this Huawei Mate 9 pro is all the best phone which I like, my brother have this device which I like.
By: mushtaq, khi on Aug, 25 2019
There is no dough that this is the best smart phone who available in the reasonable price of Huawei mate 9 pro that has the attractive body shape too
By: danish, multan on Apr, 29 2019
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By: madiha, sahiwal on Apr, 27 2019
The good performance smart phone of Huawei mate 9 pro that has the good performance operating system that allow us to get use this device fast
By: habia, lahore on Apr, 17 2019
I am quite dissatisfied with Huawei mate 9 pro looks. Huawei must work towards
their product shape and style. Although the features provided in this phone seems to
be magnificent but I don’t think this could be a successful model due to its shape.
By: Khansa, Sialkot on Jan, 23 2019
Very nice battery time with features screen quality gooo impressive phone
By: Zara, Islamabad on Jan, 17 2019
The shape of this cellphone is more similar to Samsung Galaxy note 5 but its features are far better than Note 5.
By: Iftikhar, karachi on Nov, 15 2018
This Huawei mate 9 pro is the nice and useful device of this Huawei brand that has the many good abilities for using this device easily
By: eeman, lahore on Nov, 05 2018
Huawei Mate 9 pro shape is quite outdated whereas the features of this cell phone is very much updated. Camera quality of this cell phone is remarkable.
By: Mariam, karachi on Oct, 11 2018
Mate 9 pro is a set with all the needed level of features in it, love its processor, pricing is justified and the performance and multitasking through it is smooth too.
By: Abbas, Islamabad on Oct, 03 2018
Huawei mate 9 pro is one of the most beautiful and sensitive cell phones of Huawei. Internal storage capacity of this cell phone is very much sufficient with amazing camera quality.
By: SHoaib, karachi on Oct, 03 2018
I just cant praise its camera enough. Its high definition pictures literally make my day!
By: Saba, Islamabad on Sep, 19 2018
I love the Huawei Mate 9 Pro. This phone lasts me the whole day with battery to spare, even when i am taking lots of photos
By: Bilal, Karachi on Sep, 18 2018
Huawei Mate 9 pro is majorly about good. It has an excellent battery timing that will last for around 45 hours on average-heavy use. Plus, its sound clarity is also worth the add.
By: qavi, Karachi on Sep, 15 2018
Huawei is known to make cheap and inexpensive phones, so i was surprised by the Huawei Mate 9 Pro, it is a flagship killer
By: Rafay, Rawalpindi on Sep, 14 2018
Huawei Mate 9 Pro model is quite outdated and price charged for this cellphone by Huawei is also very humiliating. Apart from that features provided in this cellphone is not as impressive as it should be.
By: Hamid, karachi on Sep, 13 2018
This is looking so nice smart phone of Huawei mate 9 pro with the long time battery standby and the amazing performance of their
By: ashna, islamabad on Sep, 12 2018
This Huawei mate 9 pro has the amazing qualities who give us the random click by the from and back both cameras who we exact thing are
By: alishba, islamabad on Aug, 29 2018
Huawei Mate 9 Pro resembles more of Huawei mate 9 in looks. I don’t know why Huawei is so busy in copying similar shape. They must come up with their own innovative shape and designs.
By: Salman, Islamabad on Aug, 26 2018
I have been using Huawei Mate 9 Pro for two years and I am very satisfied with its performance. Every feature of this cellphone is worth its price and one can even find this cellphone with low prices in market as well.
By: Sherbaz, karachi on Aug, 22 2018
Huawei Honor Mate 9 Pro has a very slim and stylish body with splendid display screen. Camera is also very good with huge sufficient internal memory. I am planning to buy this cellphone.
By: Fatima, Karachi on Aug, 19 2018
Huawei mate 9 pro seems to be cheated from Samsung cellphones design but features are extra ordinary sufficient such as 40 MP camera and 128 GB of internal storage.
By: Aqeel, jhelum on Aug, 07 2018
Huawei mate 9 pro appears to be more Samsung galaxy Note 5. It’s been disappointing that brands like Huawei is copying another brands design rather than bringing their own.
By: Qasim, Quetta on Aug, 03 2018
Looking so classy smart phone of Huawei mate 9 pro that available now in the rang able price as I can easily buy that for mine own using
By: sobia, lahore on Jul, 30 2018
Huawei mate 9 Pro is very light weight delicate cellphone with ultimate features available. Finger print sensor is quite good where as it has an octa core processor. Internal storage is also acceptable.
By: Sher khan, peshawar on Jul, 27 2018
Huawei mate 9 Pro resembles more of Samsung Galaxy note series. Very disappointed with Huawei and I suggest them to come up with different looks and style. Overall features are good but they need to work on their design.
By: Fayyaz, karachi on Jul, 23 2018
Huawei mate 9 pro the smartphone with all the brilliant features and has the great operating system which is never heating up on working
By: rabia, gujrat on Jul, 17 2018
Huawei Mate 9 pro looking awesome, I am comparing the specs of this phone with large Mate 9 pro phone. I am noting that nothing is different from this phone.
By: Marium Wasim, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
Huawei Mate 9 pro is the very good smartphone which has the amazing specs with all kind of functions and has the brilliant category of the colors we would love
By: Asim, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
I have the Huawei Mate 9 pro which is totally great smartphone and has the very god functions which helps me so much to get the brilliant performance
By: Ahmer, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Huawei Mate 9 Pro is the brilliant smartphone because it can support every type of Docs which helps me so much to working very easily in it
By: Saad, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Y9 Pro is the most advance invention by Huawei in which every thing is perfect, I love to use the five finger touch display and the super fast processor and the dual primary camera of 12 MP & 20 MP.
By: ayesha, khi on Jun, 28 2018
This amazing smart phone of the great brand of Huawei with the many great reliable abilities that everyone can expect that in their best device
By: anam, lahore on Jun, 20 2018
Mate 9 pro by Huawei is expensive due to HiSilicon Kirin 960, I will definitely purchase it because the configuration of this phone is totally act on my requirement.
By: sajid, khi on Jun, 08 2018
And this is really amazing for me to see the right smartphone with the brilliant performance what we really want to have like the Huawei Mate 9 Pro
By: Shah, Karachi on May, 30 2018
The Huawei mate 9 pro is the nice smart phone who provides the good performance and the amazing facilities that available in this reasonable price
By: zareen, multan on May, 22 2018
By this way we easily get to know the whole details about this best mobile phone of Huawei mate 9 pro that available in the reasonable price
By: zeenia, lahore on Apr, 21 2018
With the best functions of the Android this is the best smartphone which help me really much and has the really good speed of the RAM we need
By: Khalid, Karachi on Apr, 16 2018
Huawei Mate 9 Pro the best smartphone which has the amazing functions with all the great speed of the RAM I really want
By: Ahad, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
The amazing smart phone mate 9 pro is so good smart phone who give use the amazing speed that helps to get use this device fast
By: afeera, islamabad on Apr, 09 2018

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