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Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0

Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 User Reviews & Feedback

Checking the specs and the designs of Huawei Mediapad M2 7.0 tab, one of my friend wants to sell this tab in good condition, I am thinking to purchase this tab.
By: deeba, khi on Aug, 19 2019
Huawei media pad m2 the smart tab with all the brilliant features and has the amazing operating system what we want for using new applications
By: eeman, karachi on Apr, 29 2019
Huawei Media pad M2 is better than any of Samsung tablets. Amazing display screen with amazing battery timing average. Quad core processor enables it to work very fast. A highly recommended for those who is seeking any tablet.
By: Humayun, karachi on Aug, 08 2018
Huawei Media Pad M2 the best media Pad in the low price which can full fill the wishes of yours for the working time you need
By: Danish, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
Huawei medipad m2 is the great smartphone I have got by the help of my friend
who suggest me to buy it in the good price we need
By: Urwa, Lahore on Apr, 09 2018
Huawei Media Pad M2 7.0 the good features of this tablet PC allow me to get the amazing experience and the best functions what we exactly need here
By: Amjad, Karachi on Mar, 31 2018
Just check out the camera results of this amazing Huawei media pad m2 that get shot the stunning photos by the front and back both camera
By: anam, lahore on Mar, 30 2018
I was intending to change my phone and I believe it's a smart thought to change to Huawei Company as it is getting to be noticeably well known step by step. Huawei Mediapad m2 7.0 is best to have then I presume.
By: waseem, lhr on Nov, 22 2017
I always love to explore features of different mobile phones so for this purpose I always
come to this page as it gives me a very good explanation about the features of all the
latest mobile phones.
By: Clara, a on Nov, 10 2017
Huawei Media Pad M27.0 this brilliant media pad because I never have heating up issue in this Media pad by the Huawei
By: Naveed, Karachi on Oct, 28 2017
It is the brilliant Mediapad from Huawei with great specs you can easily chatting with your friends without lagging and longtime just because of its amazing battery timing
By: aafia, Karachi on Oct, 11 2017
I am using this media pad by the Huawei and I am pretty glad to have this Media pad because of its amazing functions and reliable features
By: Ajmal, Karachi on Oct, 03 2017
Huawei Media Pad this is the ever best Tablet which has the amazing applications and the strong performance of every application you really need
By: Shahid, Karachi on Sep, 24 2017
This media pad will give you the new feelings for the best experience of it so get this media pad online with the website who has the brilliant sales on it
By: Noman, Karachi on Jul, 03 2017
This ipad is really good to play games and It afford the any heavy software that helps to play the games by best way and it also afford the any software just like a best device
By: mishal, Karachi on Apr, 13 2017
huawei’s mediapad is equipped with latest features and is enclosed in ametal body to save it from dust and crashes. It is elegantly designed phone with round edges and slim shape.
By: naeem, kolkata on Jan, 04 2017
Huawei media pad m2-7.0 looks very good than before many tabs I was used and I am feeling much better with and I suggest all the Tab users this Tab
By: shazia, quita on Dec, 25 2016
It looking very nice media pad of Huawei brand actually the everything of Huawei brand also nice like watches, mobiles, and pads
By: sabeena, lahore on Dec, 14 2016
Iam demanding, trust me.Camera excells at night with tripod, you wouldnt believe.Play games, no problem.Battery 2 days is normal. Sound quality top notch - headphones and repro as well. My previous phone was Samsung Note 4. And the price is really low for this beast...
By: waleed, saudia on Dec, 06 2016
This is not the new ipad of Huawei brand now many new tabs are available in the markets and they are very good for the use so I don’t like this tab
By: uroosa, karachi on Nov, 24 2016
I don’t have the media pad of Huawei because I have the Samsung galaxy media pad and that is very nice pad and I using it in whole day
By: daleeha, pindi on Nov, 23 2016
This is very good looking and also big screen hand set which many peoples want need this because its screen pixels are not blasting any way
By: nadia, lahore on Nov, 16 2016
The best series of 2016 with camera ram battery signal hardware 3g and 4g with every way it give me he amazing experience better than other smartphone
By: sehrish, Al kharj on Nov, 11 2016
Mine little brother is very eager of the Huawei media pad m2-7-0 and now I want to buy it for his because the birthday of mine brother is coming soon
By: shabeeha, lahore on Nov, 07 2016
What is the current market price of Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0, I am looking a beautiful used device by Huawei because its rectangular display lovely display make it so attractive.
By: rehana, khi on Nov, 05 2016
I have Huawei Mediapad M 2-7.0 tab which I am using to complete my daily assignment, I noted that there is No heat up, no lagging and no such type issues. I don’t know what people think about this Huawei device.
By: zubair, khi on Nov, 05 2016
Now days many peoples are not use it because many smart mobiles are available in markets who give the good facilities then the tablets
By: hasan, lahore on Nov, 04 2016
Can some one tell me the PKR price of this Huawei Media pad 2-7.0 device, actually this device is very necessary to use for making my assignment easily in the university.
By: Wajahat, khi on Oct, 28 2016
I want that type of smart phone who runs very fast and also have long life battery timing but I can’t found this type of mobile but i think this mobile have same this facilities
By: rabia, rawalpindi on Oct, 26 2016
This is an amazing watch it works like a mobile phone I have many good looking watches but it looking very nice then mine other hand watches
By: areeba, thatta on Oct, 18 2016
I want to this Huawei media pad because I want to gifted mine little brother he is very eager of the ipads but he don’t have any ipads so now I wont to bought for his
By: hania, karachi on Oct, 18 2016
I am very happy with this Media pad from Huawei because I can playing many games on it without worrying about the lagging problem
By: Salah, Kaarchi on Oct, 09 2016
Every mobile phone and tablets are very amazing this is a very good company is comparing the other mobile companies.
By: ruhma, wazeera baad on Oct, 04 2016
Now a days many peoples use the smart mobile phones and usually they plays games in the smart mobile so peoples don’t need to media pad
By: zara, panjab on Sep, 27 2016
It’s really help me for online studying because it gives me the long range supported Wi-Fi signals the long time battery and also the faster speed
By: Arsalan, Karachi on Sep, 25 2016
Huawei media pad is a very nice set it have my grandfather and he use every time his mobile phone its battery timing is very long lasting
By: arasala, karachi on Sep, 22 2016
HUAWEI MEDIAPAD M2 7.0 seems good, desperate too see it. the last launched model HUAWEI MEDIAPAD M2 10.0 was too good
By: nasir, abbotabad on Sep, 04 2016
I am satisfy with because the battery is good and also the processor working better and the important thing is that the camera also much better
By: Ashfaaq, Lahore on Aug, 31 2016
It has a fingerprint scanner on the side. It's basically a Huawie Mediapad M2.7.0 with a fingerprint scanner but smaller battery.
By: Amna, Lahore on Aug, 28 2016
On this site it says Huawie Mediapad M2.7.0 price it's not available, yet I can't seem to find anything elsewhere related to this phone. Anyone knows what's the deal with it? I would really like to check its reviews.
By: Huzaifa, Lahore on Aug, 26 2016

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Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 Reviews

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