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Huawei P smart

Huawei P Smart is an excellent smartphone which is a smart choice on the affordable side. It has ultra-wide screens with a body crafted from a single block of aluminum. Let’s look in to the P Smart a bit closely.

Design & Display

The Huawei P Smart has aluminum back with a matte finish. The metallic and matte finish gives it a solid feel and it is gorgeous to look at. But aluminum coating is prone to chipping in most smartphones. The 5.65-inch IPS LCD screen is one the best feature for a budget friendly smartphone with a resolution of 1080 X 2160. It comes with an edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 ratio. This feature makes it perfect for multitasking as you can split the screen in to two spaces. You don’t get ultra-deep color like most expensive phone but color, contrast, sharpness and brightness are pretty solid. The screen tones are well saturated and quite natural and you can tweak the color temperature control.



It is packed with a single speaker which is loud enough. The sound quality is clear unlike most smartphones have tinny sound at this price range. The speaker is located in the lower front of the phone.



It has a HiSilicon Kirin 659 chipset made by a Huawei subsidiary compared to other mid-range phones which opt for Qualcomm or MediaTek CPUs. It has 3GB RAM with 32GB of internal storage, there’s also a microSD card so you can increase the storage space. It also equipped with dual-SIM capabilities.

Operating System

The P Smart runs Android 8.0 Oreo with Huawei’s EMUI version 8.0. It was disappointing to learn that once again Huawei has completed its traditional Android interface with its Emotion skin even tough receiving the consistent criticism from consumers.


The Huawei has dual back cameras but it’s on the side of lower end setups. The main 13MP sensor with a 2MP low resolution camera provides depth information. P Smart’s dual camera is only to blur the background or foreground with DSLR like effect with its wide aperture shooting mode. The camera works very well in day light photos but it can’t handle the low light shooting. The Huawei P Smart has a single 8MP selfie camera, with a background blur mode. The selfie quality is good producing natural looking skin tone with good details when taken in good lighting conditions.

Battery Life

The Huawei P Smart is packed with 3000 mAh battery, with Full HD+ resolution it is good capacity. Your phone will last you a full day without any issues, but it won’t last up to two full days compared to other Huawei phones. This phone does lack true fast charging feature.


The Huawei P Smart is a good and a fantastic budget smartphone that I bound to impress you. It won’t break your bank and is a reliable, fast and durable phone that you should invest in. It delivers with a flawless performance with a battery that lasts you for a day on a single charge. It is the amazing value for money.

Huawei P smart User Reviews & Feedback

Did huawei p smart comes with 4gbram,64gb rom????
By: Waseem, Islamabad on Dec, 27 2019
it is good mobile with affordable price. It’s gorgeous design and the outstanding camera
By: dua, multan on Nov, 08 2019
Huawei p smart the best smartphone with all the great features and has the amazing price what I really need to use in it
By: wareesha, lahore on Sep, 17 2019
It’s gorgeous design and the outstanding camera attracted me towards it and I actually loved it
By: Farwa, Karachi on Jul, 10 2019
Huawei p smart is one of the best selling smart because of its brilliant features such as the processing speed, storage capacity, camera and battery standby I love it
By: SAMIYA , Karachi on Jul, 03 2019
The Huawei p smart having the beautiful smart display that has the malty touch screen and the beautiful resolution with full of brightness
By: havia, multan on Jun, 02 2019
this mobile catches Wi-Fi signals quickly even if router is far from away . it is good mobile with affordable price.
By: kanwal, rawalpindi on May, 20 2019
Buy the Huawei p smart which has the great specs for you and will give you the amazing specs which Is you need to get
By: bilal, lahore on May, 02 2019
Looking so classy smart phone of Huawei p smart that is able to give the good performance whole day long with the good battery standby
By: zareen, quetta on Apr, 24 2019
This Huawei p smart is the useful device that works really good without get any problem that’s why I am using it from a long time without get any trouble
By: humaira, multan on Apr, 16 2019
Huawei p smart I am using this smart PC for my some social work which looks pretty good and has the really good performance which is really cool
By: azra, lahore on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei p smart the brilliant smartphone which has the faster performance of the application with wide screen of the LCD for watching movies
By: hayma, lahore on Apr, 01 2019
This Huawei p smart is looking so classy in this photo who giving us the many good performance things in this reasonable price
By: mishal, lahore on Mar, 08 2019
Nice smartphone looks beautiful all features is awesome huawei is a nice brand
By: Farhat, Lahore on Feb, 28 2019
This is the coolest smart phone of Huawei p smart with the great battery standby that works whole day long with the amazing abilities
By: namra, islamabad on Feb, 09 2019
Huawei p smart good smartphone which makes my day really better in the performance and has the long lasting battery life we want
By: nosheen, multan on Jan, 30 2019
This smartphone has the really good result of the camera and has the best functions we just need for the amazing life experience we love
By: zareen, panjab on Jan, 26 2019
huawei coming up with amazing features which make you wonder. This device can
identify the famous places, translate language with the help of photo. Love it Huawei
and waiting for its launching in Pakistan.
By: Gulshan, Karachi on Jan, 16 2019
Huawei p (2018) is best phone equipped with dual camera set ups on rear and front.
This is such an amazing thing I have ever witnessed in any device other than this
one. Loved this device for its camera, memory, and battery capacity.
By: Hadim, Jalalpur on Jan, 16 2019
huawei cellphones are very underrated cellphones. Just because of their branding
it’s not that popular but according to me huawei is the most reliable and durable
brand. Battery timing and storage is very good.
By: omar, Attock on Jan, 15 2019
I am not interesting in Android 8.0 (Oreo) version that is the reason that I decide to sell my Huawei P smart. This device is good in looking wise but browsing is too slow, I will buy the next model.
By: dilawar, khi on Jan, 08 2019
The Huawei p smart is the amazing device with the faster speed and the beautiful display that having the beautiful resolution too
By: zafar, faislabad on Dec, 21 2018
Its my first experience to use Dual camera smart phone in shape of Huawi P Smart, I recently purchased this wonderful device and enjoying a new journey with Huawei.
By: sarah, quetta on Dec, 18 2018
Huawei P smart is one of the most reliable and reasonable cellphone having very decent features within affordable prices.
By: Zahid, Kasur on Nov, 18 2018
The Huawei p smart has the nice operating system that allow us to get use this device with the amazing speed as everyone need to use that
By: kashaf, lahore on Oct, 31 2018
I am among those who use cell phones all the time, so this phone pairs with me quite aptly. The battery lasts for longer and i don't need to hang around the charging spot all the time.
By: Farrukh, Abbotabad on Sep, 16 2018
I can’t wait for Huawei P Smart to come in secondary. But I don’t think its camera is as same as it is written on this website. If it is true, then it will be a biggest slap to Samsung for making this good for nothing.
By: Ali, karachi on Aug, 19 2018
The good and long life warranty available in this smart phone of Huawei p smart that has the good speed and the good signal coverage
By: warda, Karachi on Aug, 17 2018
This is looking the perfect smart phone of Huawei p smart with the malty touch display and the faster speed that I need to use that in mine expected smart phone
By: mishal, islamabad on Aug, 11 2018
I really appreciate Huawei for having amazing finger print technologies in their cellphones. Apart from that their big display screen is also very fascinating and amazing to watch movies on it.
By: Salman, kashmir on Aug, 08 2018
huawei p smart smartphone is really better in the name of the good
performance because I am using it and I don’t have any complain t related to
this smartphone
By: Bakhtawar, Bahawalpur on Aug, 07 2018
This Huawei p smart the amazing software of jellybeans that allow us to get use this device easily with the smooth malty touch display
By: anam, panjab on Jul, 31 2018
This is the attractive smart phone of Huawei p smart that giving us the great performance specialties and the features are so classy of their as I expect that in the reasonable price
By: hasham, Karachi on Jul, 27 2018
if anyone wanted to sell Huawei P smart in good condition please contact me only serious persons 0345 0507678
By: Abid, Talagang on Jul, 17 2018
Just a few mobiles in the Huawei are vailable in some unique color. I am success to find the model # which comes in different color. I will definitely buy Huawei p smart.
By: Haroon Rashid, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
For the working purpose we need a better smartphone which allow us to install the applications with the very good operating system which has no stuck issue
By: Adil, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
This Huawei p smart is so nice smart phone that could help us to get use this device with the great smart abilities as everyone like touse that
By: sobia, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
This is the fast speed smart phone of Huawei p smart that has the beautiful display that attract to everyone for using it every time without face any problem
By: layba, panjab on Jul, 10 2018
This is the fast speed smart phone of Huawei p smart that has the beautiful display that attract to everyone for using it every time without face any problem
By: sobia, lahore on Jun, 30 2018
Huawei P Smart I am using this smartphone which is really good in the name of the good processing speed for gaming online in the good way
By: Ahmed, Karachi on Jun, 22 2018

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