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No hanging problem and no stuck issues what you have on the heavy smartphones by the other companies what you have here
By: neha, islamabad on Jul, 17 2018
The 5.5 inches display of Huawei P10 Plus in a curved edges enhance the beauty of this phone. I am using this phone in which every thing is perfect which I like.
By: Jawad Prwana, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
Huawei P10 Plus very good smartphone of all time which has the amazing functions with the very good features I ever want to use
By: Ehsaan, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
I have the Huawei P10 Plus which is the great smartphone and has the very good performance which is I need for the good experience of the Internet
By: Lateef, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
The Huawei p10 plus is the good device that allow us to get watch the any blur ray movies in it easily with the beautiful screen resolution
By: hayma, lahore on Jul, 11 2018
I am using Huawei P10 Plus but now I decide to sell it, if anyone want to buy this phone so reply me because I urgently want to buy Huawei for that I need money.
By: Afshan Zahid, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
One and only reason to purchase this Huawei P10 Plus smart phone which I have for three months, really the battery give a long talk time because its 3750 mAh powerful battery make it right choice.
By: Rafay Ahmed, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
The new Huawei P10 Plus seems like an amazing smart phone that comes with amazing features. Loved its memory, camera, and battery specifications which make this phone more popular.
By: Ayaz Aijaz Zounr, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
There is a great range of smart watches by huawei are also available in the market but in my budget I can afford this Huawei P10 Plus, its arrogant design with leather strep make it attractive.
By: Raheel Joseph, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
What is the current market price of Huawei P10 Plus, I am looking a beautiful used device by Huawei because its rectangular display lovely display make it so attractive.
By: Malik Wazir, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
In this price this smartphone is literally amazing and has the very good functions what we really need to have the Huawei P10 Plus and expect for the better performance
By: Khalid, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Its malty touch display is so cool having in this smart phone that give us the beautiful resolution specially for watching the movies in it with the beautiful result of screen
By: mesha, lahore on Jun, 20 2018
The look of all the huawei phones are amazing but in browsing just a few phones of this brand is famous. I am using this Huawei P10 Plus phone which browsing speed is much better than the other.
By: danish, khi on Jun, 08 2018
Huawei P10 Plus good smartphone better functions with the best speed of the RAM what we really want for the good experience of the Android
By: Karman, Karachi on May, 30 2018
Huawei P10 Plus the bets smartphone of all my life I am using it I have no issue related to the software and related to the processor of this smartphone
By: Sarmad, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
Huawei p10 plus smartphone with some awesome features with the god deal of the applications I need to have in my phone for working purpose
By: Faseeh, Tampa on Apr, 13 2018
This is the cool device of Huawei p10 plus that has the amazing processor and the faster speed who allow to get use this device easily
By: zarnish, Karachi on Apr, 12 2018
The amazing speed smart phone of Huawei p10 plus we easily get shot the every photo beautifully by the front and back both camera
By: zareen, multan on Apr, 06 2018
Huawei p10 plus the smartphone which has the amazing services and the good operating system which has lagging issue which we have on many other smartphones
By: alishba, multan on Apr, 02 2018
Huawei P10 Plus the smartphone which has the really good performance what I exactly want for the good experience I would need
By: Asim, karachi on Mar, 31 2018
Without get any trouble now we easily get shot the any photo in it clearly with the good pixels of front and back both camera
By: afeera, Karachi on Mar, 30 2018
It is really good to see the smartphone like the Huawei P10n Plus because this smartphone has the really good configuration which is we need
By: Anas, Karachi on Mar, 29 2018
The best signal protection available now in this smart phone of Huawei p10 plus who helps to get use this device easily with the amazing abilities
By: layba, Panjab on Mar, 28 2018
The Huawei p10 plus is so beautiful smart phone that is able to give the good performance every time without get face any trouble
By: aneela, Karachi on Mar, 20 2018
Multi-Tasking is so easy in the Huawei p10 plus smartphone which has the amazing operating system with the affordable price what everyone can buy it
By: havia, islamabad on Mar, 13 2018
For the best features I prefer my every friend to go with the Huawei because Huawei is the great company for using the brilliant smartphones
By: samna, islamabad on Mar, 13 2018
One of my friend is having this phone and believe me its camera result is outclass. We
always take photos from her mobile phone where ever we go and this thing sometimes
irritates her.
By: Zeeshan, Bahawalpur on Mar, 12 2018
I am here just to see the specs and qualities of Huawei p10 plus because I want to buy this
mobile phone for my personal use. I think it will be best for me to buy it after
By: Aamir, Karachi on Mar, 11 2018
This Huawei p10 plus is so exciting smart device that available in the reasonable price that has the many best abilities who make so exciting of their user
By: unsa, islamabad on Mar, 08 2018
Huawei P10 Plus smartphone with the great applications which I exactly need and this is really amazing for me to have it in the list
By: Areeb, Karachi on Mar, 03 2018
Huawei p10 plus available now in the cheap price which has the good abilities that works really good without get any problem which we need to use that for a long time
By: farheen, islamabad on Mar, 01 2018
Huawei P10 plus is an exceptionally well known of this time. Be that as it may, I have not
utilized it yet as this is my sister's telephone and she doesn't enables me to touch it.
By: Saima, Lahore on Mar, 01 2018
Mine mobile is the very slow then this Huawei p10 plus because that getting hanged when I use its camera for taking the photos so now I want to buy this hand set
By: meesha, lahore on Feb, 26 2018
I wants to buy this smart phone of Huawei p10 plus and now I am going to buy this device from the market which I really like that is reliable as I need
By: hashim, islamabad on Feb, 23 2018
Huawei P10 Plus smartphone which has the really good functions and the great price what you can easily afford for the best experience
By: Jawwad, karachi on Feb, 20 2018
Huawei p10 Plus the good smartphone which has the really good speed of the RAM as we need and this is the perfect thing I got in this year
By: Ameer, karachi on Feb, 15 2018
I generally needed to attempt Huawei's cell phone because of watching its
advertisements and ads all the time on the TV. I think Huawei P10 plus is best to
attempt in such manner.
By: Zartab, Madrid on Feb, 15 2018
Huawei phones are getting expensive day by day which not good for their users as many people cant buy expensive phone.
By: Kanwal, Lahore on Feb, 11 2018
This is so nice smart phone Huawei p10 plus that has the beautiful screen resolution and the good pixels that never get blasting
By: yumna, Panjab on Feb, 07 2018
Huawei P10 Plus my bets smartphone because I never had any little bit complaint in it which is really good to get the perfect entertainment
By: Akmal, Karachi on Feb, 02 2018

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