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Huawei brings such an exciting series with P where the cameras of smart phones are extremely different from the past models, love it this P 10 by huawei.
By: zehra, lhr on Aug, 25 2019
Huawei p10 this is my favorite smartphone because everything I need is available in it with the long lasting battery life
By: haris, islamabad on Apr, 27 2019
Mujy 30000 k range tk p10 chaye mera numb 03117545521
By: Ali, Multan on Feb, 15 2019
Huawei P10 is one of the masterpiece produced by Huawei. It is just because of these cellphone Huawei has taken a lead from Apple in terms of sale this year. I must suggest everyone to buy this cellphone.
By: Adil, karachi on Aug, 05 2018
Huawei P10 I am using it and it is really good for me to buy this smartphone in the low price which I definitely need for the good performance
By: Ali, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
This phone is similar to samsung s8 the sleek and slim metal body with curvy edges makes it a sibling of Samsung brand instead of Huawei.
By: Daud, Lahore on Apr, 13 2018
Without get face any trouble now we easily get use this device with the good performance and the best battery standby
By: afsheen, lahore on Apr, 12 2018
The Huawei p10 is the nice smart phone who give us the many facilities that helps to get use this device with the long life warranty
By: anam, islamabad on Apr, 09 2018
Huawei P10 the good smartphone with all the good functions and has the brilliant services what w exactly need to have
By: Ahad, Karachi on Mar, 31 2018
The best phone ever of Huawei p10 who has the amazing display and the beautiful screen resolution who everyone like to use that
By: layba, islamabad on Mar, 30 2018
Huawei P10 the good smartphone which has the great functions and the amazing usage what I need and this is extremely awesome for me
By: Qasim, Karachi on Mar, 28 2018
Huawei P10 is surely one of the best phones that I have come across so far. I am all happy to check out the specifications here. I cant thank you guys enough for that. I think I will purchase it next month.
By: Emran , Karachi on Mar, 26 2018
The Corning Glass 5 and the attractive slim metal body give this Huawei P10 smart phone a unique design, the processor is also make it compatible for advance technology.
By: rashid, khi on Mar, 26 2018
Huawei p10 the best smartphone with all the amazing specs what you definitely want and this is really amazing for every user to have the Huawei what I observed
By: sayma, islamabad on Mar, 13 2018
Huawei P10 the good smartphone with all the best functions would like to have in the list because this is really amazing to have it
By: Aslam, Karachi on Mar, 03 2018
What is superior to having a Huawei P10 in your hand while you are voyaging all around
the Pakistan and you are making the most of your outflank phone by taking selfies?
By: Saima, Sahiwal on Mar, 01 2018
This mobile Huawei p10 is the good supporting smart phone which support to mine of the 3G or 4G connection whenever I go any where
By: noreen, multan on Feb, 26 2018
Yeah i have an huwaei p10 in black colour.. Black colour is much bautiful in all of his colours... Fingerprint is also very good and much faster.. Function's of this phone is also very good.. I love my phone.. 😍😍
By: Amad, Islamabad on Feb, 26 2018
Huawei p10 good smartphone good functions better battery life with all the amazing features you would definitely love to use
By: Saleem, karachi on Feb, 20 2018
I got the best smartphone of the list on this year Huawei P10 the great smartphone which I would definitely love to have in the list
By: Samer, karachi on Feb, 15 2018
There is a charger of Huawei Company at my home however I have never utilized its cell
phone yet this Huawei P10 features are looking exceptionally fascinating that I am
should purchase this telephone.
By: Nadia, Attock on Feb, 15 2018
I dont like the green color of this smartphone but the purple color looks attractive to have this phone in my hands soon.
By: Raheela, Karachi on Feb, 11 2018
The simple and the sleek phone covered with metal frame body that is scratched proof and provide fair battery capacity of 3200 mAh that will allow users to stay connected to their loved ones for a long time period.
By: Farhan, Karachi on Jan, 29 2018
This cell phone is stunning by Huawei P10 it has everything what I have to use as of
now and that is the huge motivation behind why I got it and lean toward it
By: Habib, Attock on Jan, 28 2018
One must have this Huawei P10 mobile phone. It's to an incredible degree an amazing inclination to see such an awesome telephone having this much extraordinary highlights
By: samina, isl on Jan, 24 2018
Huawei Mate 10 has been purchased by my boss few days back. He has even urged me to purchase it as well. So, here I am checking out the specification of this amazing device. I must say this phone has won my heart.
By: Rida, Grw on Jan, 19 2018
Huawei P10 the smartphone which is the most amazing and has the amazing price we definitely need for working on the better way
By: Samad, Karachi on Jan, 10 2018
huawei P10 brandnew box pack import from dubai complete accessories price 30000/= fix contact # 0300 9206998
By: khaan, other on Dec, 13 2017
Huawei P10 the smartphone with the amazing method and functions and good functions what you really want so this is really awesome for me
By: Arshad, Ka on Dec, 08 2017
You can easily perform your work in this Huawei p10 which has the brilliant performance and will show you the great applications for installing
By: Taha, Ka on Nov, 29 2017
Huawei p10 is the good mobile phone that has the faster processor and the long life warranty which everyone easily use that whole day long
By: roshni, panjab on Nov, 28 2017
It signals still gives me the good coverage that I use it continuously to do the texting and calls with the good sound speakers of this Huawei p10
By: urooba, islamabad on Nov, 25 2017
Mom was asking me that she needs to change her cell phone then which brand will be better for her to purchase? I recommended her to purchase Huawei P10 cell phone for herself.
By: hira, isl on Nov, 22 2017
My friend Hamza Munir Baloch has used this Huawei P10 mobile phone for many time. That is the reason that I got the chance to use this mobile phone and check its qualitative specs.
By: falak, gjw on Nov, 20 2017
You never have to miss this best chance to buy this good mobile in just affordable price and you could easily understand the every function in it which doesn’t has the any difficult thing
By: nimra, lahore on Nov, 16 2017
The best feature of Huawei P10 its Iris detection feature. I was so amazed that advanced
this much that a time has arrived when handheld devices like mobile phones are able to
detect your iris even.
By: Omaha, Attock on Nov, 15 2017
Normally the Huawei brand mobiles is not available in the market I found a mobile of this brand before some days in the market but that was not found there
By: aneela, multan on Nov, 14 2017
I was thinking to change my mobile phone and after reading the features of this cell, i.e.
Huawei P10 mobile phone, I am thinking to buy it for myself. Because it seems so
attractive to me.
By: Maria, Denver on Nov, 12 2017
Huawei P10 Lite the good smartphone with all the amazing features and has the amazing speed of RAM what you definitely from any expensive smartphone
By: Saad, Karachi on Nov, 11 2017
My father gifted me this Huawei P10 mobile phone as I got first position in my class. It
was a surprise for me which really made my day. Thank you so much daddy.
By: Daima, Attock on Nov, 10 2017

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