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this is so cools smart phone of the reliable and big brand that give us the great performance operating system with the great more abilities
By: taimoor , peshawar on Nov, 08 2019
Huawei p20 pro the best smartphone for my life and this is pretty good for me to have this smartphone in my list what I exactly need
By: tooba, Karachi on Sep, 17 2019
Huawei p20 pro is so amazing it’s gorgeous design, fast processing speed and the tripple camera is outstanding I love it
By: Laila , Karachi on Jul, 10 2019
The Huawei p20 pro is just so perfect it’s slim body and the large display and specially the tripple camera is amazing I m in love with it
By: Amna , Karachi on Jul, 03 2019
The Huawei p20 pro is so cools mart phone of the reliable and big brand that give us the great performance operating system with the great more abilities
By: rafia, lahore on Jun, 02 2019
I want to share my experience with this mobile, I must want to say that if anyone wants to buy that mobile which has good feature with low price then they should buy this mobile.
By: rohan, queeta on May, 20 2019
Mjhe p20 pro ki need h agr ksi ko cell krna ho to plzz contact kre...only from karachi
By: Shahbaz lodhi, Karachi on May, 04 2019
Make your social life very easy with the help of the best service of the Huawei p20 pro no lagging issue and has the most long lasting battery life
By: afiya, panjab on May, 02 2019
In this smart phone have the amazing qualities specially the Belton memory is so good of their that help us to get use this easily after saving many data in it
By: haris, karachi on Apr, 24 2019
This Huawei p20 pro is the amazing smart phone which helps to use it easily with the many reliable abilities which the peoples likes to use that for a long time
By: hina, multan on Apr, 16 2019
Huawei p20 pro the smartphone which has the standard screen and the good resolution of the LCD which makes it pretty perfect
By: samra, karachi on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei p20 smartphone has the really cheap price which
can give the amazing application performance and has
the really good battery life
By: Shafeeq, karachi on Mar, 09 2019
My cousin recently purchase a huawei p20 very beautiful phone and nice using experience i personaly like back gradient design look
By: Mustafa, Faislabad on Feb, 28 2019
Huawei p20 pro the smartphone which has the good specs and the definite specs what I extremely need and this is the great smartphone for me
By: zareen, multan on Feb, 26 2019
I can easily afford the Huawei p20 pro which is the best smartphone and has the best performance of the applications which I want to have
By: sonia, LAHORE on Feb, 08 2019
I don’t think these brands are reliable neither durable. One can have better alternatives in this
particular price range.
By: Wajeeh, Sialkot on Feb, 01 2019
Huawei p20 pro the good smartphone with the better performance and has the really good price what we can easily afford for buying the brilliant phone
By: zehra, islamabad on Jan, 30 2019
Huawei p20 pro the best smartphone in my life which has no issues as we get from any other smartphone from the speed from the charging
By: aleeza, karachi on Jan, 26 2019
Very beautiful amazing phone with nice features lovely design premium quality nice processing speed i love it 60 fps
By: Kamran, Karachi on Jan, 17 2019
huawei p20 pro smartphone is really better in the name of the good performance
because I am using it and I don’t have any complain t related to this smartphone
By: Bakhtawar, Karachi on Jan, 16 2019
In a price like this, i believe everything from its battery to its storage capacity is
By: Jameel, Narowal on Jan, 15 2019
The Huawei p20 pro is the nice device of the reliable brand that we easily get use that with the long time warranty and the good performance of their
By: arham, multan on Dec, 21 2018
Huawei p20 pro has decorated my life with full functions ever since I bought it. The functions is spectacular, the camera is crystal clear with images, even at night and much more! I am so proud to hold this phone when I go to VIP events; it makes me feel very rich.
By: Farhan , Karachi on Dec, 10 2018
Huawei p20 pro has the good price range that’s why many people love to go with it also it has the good performance of android version with brilliant RAM speed
By: roshni, lahore on Nov, 20 2018
I am very much surprised by the camera quality of this cellphone. Battery timing of this cellphone is also very much sufficient.
By: Ramzan, lahore on Nov, 16 2018
I thought that P20 Pro is made for the mid range users of Huawei but when I reached market, collect the Huawei P20 Pro Price in various shops which was over 90K . Now I visit here to check some mid range devices.
By: tooba, khi on Nov, 16 2018
in my opinion for once in life everyone should use this Huawei P20
the 3 layer camera is showing unbelievable results
By: kamran, karachi on Nov, 15 2018
The Huawei P20 Pro is one of the most good looking phones on the market. I really like the design and the back on this phone
By: Farwa, Lahore on Nov, 05 2018
The good operating system having in this smart phone of Huawei p20 pro that never get having or heat up the body temperature
By: aleeza, islamabad on Nov, 02 2018
This is looking so nice smart phone of Huawei p20 pro with the many amazing qualities and the best battery standby as everyone need to use that
By: bisma, multan on Nov, 01 2018
This is such a great device of Huawei p20 pro with the goof sound speakers and the amazing display quality that help us to get watch the movies with the great results
By: sobia, islamabad on Oct, 31 2018
Now I know the latest snapdragon chip is snapdragon 845 but is the Hisilicon Kirin 970 anything like that?
By: Haseeb, Islamabad on Oct, 20 2018
Nice can I get one free in the name of Allah
By: Muhammad ssemakula, Uganda on Oct, 14 2018
Huawei P20 pro seems to be very high class cell phone. Features provided in this cell phone is completely unbelievable.
By: Qadeer, Multan on Oct, 11 2018
I don't care how advance the Huawei P20 Pro is, how can a phone use 6GB of ram? What is it a computer?
By: Ruksana, Islamabad on Oct, 10 2018
This phone is a really high specification phone, it will fulfill all your needs and is the first phone with a triple camera
By: Sarah, Karachi on Oct, 10 2018
Huawei P20 Pro is indeed, targeting all the high rangers but is making all crazy for it, specially those fond of clicking and taking selfies! It has triple cameras each of which captures brilliant pictures!
By: Jamaali, Lahore on Oct, 09 2018
The Huawei P20 Pro is the biggest innovation in phones this year. It was the first phone with a triple camera, a feature that every phone is copying now
By: Sana, Karachi on Oct, 02 2018
HUAWEI P20 seems to be a very high profile cell phone because of its looks and features available in the cell phone. Price of this cell phone does worth its features and I do admire HUAWEI for creating these types of masterpiece.
By: Qasim, karachi on Oct, 02 2018
It is a phone i would love to use but i cant and will never be able to afford it ever. Hope to get something similar to this someday.
By: manahil, Lahore on Oct, 01 2018

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